Weave it be

Ricochets with pastiche, a wasteland clean up, the urgency, bordering on subvicious a plait of silly methods, to stay the hive – Sub meaning under the waves, searching for thunder and fathoms in beauty, until something breaks. Breaks, what could break? Monkeys come in first. Then beauty reckons with me you shit, says gentle Clairette. Dont let monkeys go – Packy screams. Dont let monkeys go, thats todays thing. No Cleo says, who is a dirty bench for a white cat periodically – I let the monkeys drain out of it. Again. Cleo has slats. Gathers the anointed. Be brave. Clairette…

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& ease meant

THIS IS FICTION has potential, lead in needs to be tightened up, best para is somewhere around the end. Gonna call her Mel. And its about Mephisto vs. Existential lobotomies. Not lobotomies – be conscious, this is serious stuff. I have clowns and bears. that overtake me. hmm. Clowns insert jest that is oppo – camus does that but as a french delicacy. Bears on the other hand, growl. Who else growls, does bukowski growl, a lot of rockers growl, I have growlers. For sure. Gets repetitive, growls, works repetitively, Dickens was a big elaborator of repetitions, as if readers…

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Bats in attic

Hurts like the Dickens. Boom boom boom. Push through pain beckoning in Jael’s heart to make it shut up. Sublime turnaround time for story book salvation is a climber of vine like Tarzan – meets Camus? And so they stand, Tarzan and Camus, on rock above waterfall, talking about flying through trees versus being seduced by ironic temptations and muses huffing off growling – by god thats absurd. Spells Jael drowned when young in Indian magic. Drowned when young in god as beauty and love. Drowned in mythos that love pertains to unity. And underneath it all, a curious alchemy…

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Pro Noun Shifters

V 5 Fleshing out details. Just beginning to. Stop Its always good to start, with somebody elses slice and dice. Agatha walks into Lucy’s hide out like piped in music. Says “shut up.” Lucy watches television to bore tremors asleep, barely watching anything but the same thing over and over because its not watching its falling into sleep and thoughts in and out of drifts searching for semiology, maybe splinter would publish me, ha haha. Fort Knots It’s too up-to-the-minute and desperately hurts. Wants him to collaborate. That’s a new one? Be undead. Cold Turkey. Questionable tactic! Somebody in fiction…

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“word-storming in the name of beauty”

processes of compiling