young cal just starting/Body H8

A young ferocious Cal with painted cheeks. at full run round around the basement, a rod in hand that swears on mark forever more to die in battle.

Death his only partner – a grave but brutal friend. With naked eye a warrior defies in search of love and loss and lies bound to beauty, and abyss – a fire worshipper,

as he was when born again – lonely and shot-after, escaping in the mute basement like mold from half awaking sounds of headless deaths the serene metaphysical ignicolist.

ghosts compliant plugged in strung out, deviant

masters. of basement space,

stomach drooled its blood. Cal doubling over

Had to get up – Dizzy with disgust disgrace the mumbo jumbo of holy hate. Leaned weak against the doorframe sweating – send off – 

Meat the bate set the plate damned — soul in violent play unlocks a haul of waging sword for squalor of wound – Hung with wings that certain feast of beauty and the slain.

That rumbles across like music at a train –  

Mutilated Cal pushed onward. Hand to wall, out he went down thru the hall, opened back door. Only to sit on steps outside in back and stare at grass and chain linked fence there was nothing there but grass and trees and air some bushes summers eve heavy in the air

he wondered blankly at invisible powers of believing quietly in heaven.

The spasm its beauty lifting suddenly a breeze, all that more wonderful because because of its giganticidal relief.

Cal laid back, hands behind head, back door steps made of concrete, knees came up as in a look out cubby, shoulders wedged between outside wall & railing.

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