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Una Mas

Una Mas


Just got asked Last Minute to take on another class of Flats & Specs. Monday Morning 9am. OO la la. I am walking into another Wild Semester.


THIS IS ON TOP OF LIST. Gonna update Tru Con background. This last update mostly a dud. Bring Falling Bodies pattern back on Body of H8 I think, which I miss. This page – have also vaguely begun another redo: Tinkle Report, or Tinkle Time. Having Pastiche here right up front, is much more telling and received better, as its inspirational/conspirational. Gonna bring in more drama for artwork on Poetry to emphasize both horror & droll aspects of its reach. And def conspire to build something more fashionista for School Page, that is course-wise ongoing.

Danger Level – Guarded (Blue)

Just started working on new Tru Con.

Writing is really where I live. But that creates for me a holy remarkable Void – between my reality and my basis in reality –

A Void in whose often astonishing clutches I will fall, crying, laughing, failing, rebounding. Leeway becomes tantamount.

Teaching (thank you Parsons) helps me to categorically resolve behavior – decidedly in favor of people as they are, that is to say – in a very matter of fact way.

Exists alongside (though not above) emblazoning nature of numinous horizons as they project through incantatory gaze, gesture.

Another Wonder of the World: Am finding, overall, that this does not mean, in that respect, that I don’t view Others for who they really are, indeed confirmation always seems to me (anyway) to lend itself to the contrary.

Lucky (I am) to have a strong 3rd eye, whose cognition never backs off from admissions, however startled one becomes (truly) by beauty, or keen ludibrosity, of geometric progressions – as allude, infuse, encumber upon. Thank the gods for that!