Drunk the Cool Aid

Looks like Red Hand Files Forum will be starting, unless hear otherwise.

Will probably have a corner for Shane. That idea just arrived in my mind this morning. Yesterdays whispering falls —

Not First Up, first up is Emily.

But after my Mirandas begin to grow trow middle english word for believe in, for magic spice lice mice heist Christ – stop it. See how rhymes steal the show. Little by little tho breathing life into it. Rhymes for me are like Skid Row. I skid into them. Love dearly dearly.

Its gonna be open sesame, the forum. To start.

Advertise on FB. Hmmmmm. Not a facebook page – a true Discussion Board. Thats ALSO about writing. Dig thru ideas little by little as take control of css and research others online.

So I learn churn kern — the mourns and the burns are calming into Burroughs flame kiters blighters fighters ecliptics for writers, as a perspective, that harbors on its own “rational line” – ohh, thats Latch Key, thats latch key kid wanting to talk about numbers and — being told to shut up I didnt know anything. And not knowing how to deal with the feel for it. As it came through places other than math!

Staying pretty “clean” instagram.

Dont imagine should stop being playful? Even let Shine out sometimes. Part of Shine is related back to Goodness and Religion.

As much as sacrificial ecstasies. Fur sure.

And grumpus is a familiar. Thats old goes back to Roman House Gods, used to grumble with — as early birds came screeching by — Indian Trails trails human sorts of my soul, as a kid, The Familiars.

It was like growing Chips for my Shoulders. The angst rebellion and also rejection — The Rejectionary, is a Righteous Maub. Enuff. The Discussion Board for me is also about getting around my putz, I call the rejectionary, Emily’s southern bred cousin whose New Orleans connections are pretty strong.

Deep in middle of redesign THiS SITe. Will probably put up as V1 and work out kinks online before SEOing.

Support is welcome.