Subliterate Swoons and A Side of Dead

1920px apartment west may face
From installation at the Dalí Theatre and Museum

Feed the Wake Swallow the Snake Melt with Snowflake

9.26.21 NOVELLA IN PROGRESS Still pulling out threads. Some parts almost done, most still evolving, I ADMIT IT IS very very painterly, working thru section by section.

Dizzying with no brakes

LuLu LeSuere. Taunted by spasms of transfiguration. Groping for hopes beyond limits. Darkness becomes visible. Every beatitude blossoms verges sunders brinks. Sets off sparks.

Thresholds sharp and shimmering flurry at brinks of faith. 

Endless gestations, lark gloat tut, smirk wallow swoon, o glory and gloom…

Pulls at LuLu’s heart head cunt. Unfolds into fields of array array disarray, hunger’s trituration of the inexhaustible. 

Waft furious whiffles migrate like orchid fucking wildflowers.

Anger frenzies with disdain. Fire enflames desire.

LuLu’s circling wheel of ping sing.

Hanging over a bucket of chuck it, neck first — fraught and fly with crippling mutiny. Eruptions of insane pain.

Substitutes for sins? Substitutes for sin offerings? Sub sit toots. Lute flute — shoot! 

Shout it down down down down — 


Blows into rows of battle torn lows.

Scorn adorns with righteous rebukes, the rapacious greed of forlorn cruelties — Feeling for blowout snaps, where chaos invades.

LuLu’s animal sickness, beauty always rioting.

Uptakes intakes outtakes like a holy mole in her cunt — a mystic beauty, by turns rhapsodic, morbid, panicky, jealous, holy irreverent — Bathes in waves of it.

The veerness and sheerness of falling in love with Victor — let the dogs out?

Hit LuLu’s shadowy parts like a bullet train. 

Rants and rhapsodies

LuLu’s stray savage focus locus pocus — secretly feeds off all sorts : porn corn mourn.

Rejects limits of the real with l’avengeance of a tomb raider — LuLu hates the intransigence of time. Pleadings live beyond its rigid confines.

Daft mourny graft fleure allures In tender belly of mystic — where tragic morphs gothic melancholic —

Horn corn thorn fern yearn burn, paddle saddle rattle — and the con querying worm —

Passions boundless raillery. 

Binges where hinges, huh mazing grace — 

St. Mary Fairy

LuLu’s got a St. Mary fairy, creepy wary — and devout. Deep as a religious baptismal font. Wading in waters of wistfulness and the contrary. Fills with blood of forsaken martyrs. 

At edge of life where affines with the subdivine. Sun king bling swings by — for a sacrificial swan dive — quantum Dante-um, cosmic comic flood of timelessness and the nominate blood offering —

Torch and slab stab? — what… secret rites of the religious spiked to a lethal sponge. Priests of the psychic phenomdom droning over and over, shadowed in hood and robe.

But wait — swim swim swim out further further. 

Shocking wicked twisties’ brave grave reservoir of horror —

Ritual compulsive transcendent — shocks entwines — the retro descendant — of the incandescent — 

O curse of the beautiful body restless, stuck in time — 

Victor and the Ideogeny

As if something of her will was apt rapt, prone and bone — to fall through — through what? Endlessness of the immanent, elusive rhapsody of the oceanic abyss, spoiled by it — haunted.

A place LuLu flew for — cupidity, foppery, blitheness, retribution, penance, austerities, royalty as a form of slavery? banishment, oblivion, hate city, wondrous mystic illuminations caustic mirth, wild exculpatory filth…?

Prey to a precipice, of ancient restive habitats mixing with implosions of horror? Sinkhole became beauty desire love fuck the labors of life, veil water pail veil water pail — dizzying thoughts of an unquiet disquiet, eerie and hidebound and stalking with contempt. 

One for the rape, another for the escape? And a third for annihilation. Rising to a wanderlust and wrath, raw indignant misty turbulent riveting —

Great gusts of hope beyond hope. Its floramour caught in an overweening act of keening, a medley of the deadly, of a great and mysterious dread. Knee-jerk and fitful, lonely and inquisitive, weighty absolutes, drastic declarations —

Victor’s eterminable mystery — Hanging over the grim grime gamble and gore like a floor’s trapdoor escaping into a weather eye — 

Wave after wave of a forever endless contingency — pressed and caressed, up against the chalk line —

Inlays the mysteries, and monstrous illimitables, and sprews of a voracious stinging tenderness. Treacherous panicky compulsive. Explosive with fugal rhapsodic distortions delicious as heaven and hell, breathless as a sacred relic.

The scorn the porn the cloying crimes of virtue arising in a swarm of dizzying epiphany, like killer bees. Replicating with fervent aura across eons of an inscrutable urgency.

Strrange burrowing magic tragic in hunt of cunt up through her body and her ears as fucking is to an insect — As if ? to inoculate strange lucid faints of a wild, monstrous fear. Denominates LuLu’s sacred three (heart head hunt) like a gateway to the Glenn, to exile in? dementing with infamy? 

LuLu’s love for Victor — spinning her back into realms of possibility, grateful for proclivities of skin —

Mounting hopes more and more as a return somehow to the functioning, as a bloody way out —

Someway somehow to overbide what hell can make of beauty’s sheer water, loath struggling defiance. Bird in tree, crying to absolve horror from its startling evil attachments? Like water is to flowers.

Hopes and whims for skin. Victor’s skin —

Falling prey to the sin —

Flush and peak — in substance with the sublime — inebriating, epitonic —

The Subversive and Radiant — still working through

Beauty’s fiendish grails. Embody illuminate.


LuLu slips in, crisscrossing subsurfaces, like cosmogenic underworlds — where extenuates every beauty, horror and hole.

Ears fickle. Pinwheels raging. Glory raids the spyro gyro: infinity-in-the-nut-shell. For rounds of heat, seduction transduction abduction obstruction. Penises pop in like a snake riding up her spine from cunt to holy cow.

Sacred mores pelt like evil snow.

Love turns beauty into a rising hole, flooding with quicksand, caw caw caw.

Crazy mazy cunt of the boundless runaround. Can’t stay can’t go.

Haught le Cœur de la Mer, staring down from hate of state — From beauty at the heights:

Swarms over her, like a bird sanctuary, that steals a rib, and attaches a bib, head in pail — gooning for scales, such beautiful whales. Must downsize the lies!

Mysteries, of a disturbing sadness badness madness, resurrection-roving insurrections, creating heights of terror, torrid and faint, a majesty of contempt — Abyss spiritus at friction with poison acres.

A tender flakey flaming crucible — where meta excreta flows blows glows —

LuLu’s subacute emptiness begins to ache. Her body, to seethe lugubriously for Vic, for his fingers — to sink into her cunt like a spoon. Release time from any other meaning but hazards of skin.

Hang on hang on —

LuLu’s heart burns for it, subversive and radiant.

And everything about it, mercilessly teeters on the uncanny.


Wayward petulant gang-pangs prowling the scanty and abstruse. Mining for signs. Twilit and cryptic. A sickness thickness for rhyme, searching lurching for a foothold…

Haute le Cœur de la Mer bleeds for her share.

Divorced — from reality. Wretched hangdog, pathos of beauty. 

Morbid errants burnish proudly in its rushing avail.

The royal coil of strictures and reticence, lurid lures of feisty billowing fairy tremors, hysterical mysteries fog in a bog with horror and grace, changeling mutants adorn the vile virtuous scorn, clown frowns mocking every avid suggestive, and mad reachers’ preachers — throwing water as if in chase, of the living dead.

LuLu hid lid mad skd. Bubbling oozy muck, true goo. 

Where unto waves of terrors sorrow firebird sli. All singularities, piety and peril, bled into it.

Rim slim grim hymn genus dracula (diminutive plants, bizarre often sinister-looking flowers, with pendulous scapes and motile lips). Titillating with freedoms boon to goon hinge and swoon over epiphanies BOOM BOOM.

Its beauty fed on LuLu alternatively like butter melting into a vast voracious swamp creature —

A sizzle and nestle, hyperconnects drooling grueling off body resurrections, Victors hanging from a mutineers cross shocking blue glue, ocean blowing loom tomb, hue and cry the flee o fly — Fly villa ventura high ways scarred roister, dashing effumes.

Rue and rubric why a rubicon why a rubicon, crossing the crowing, the dell hun awares… For to what, let the pigeons out of cages trapped and scared.

Just a shot away —

Like jail bird on the runny run run, triggers hatred’s urgent carcass — running from anything everything past fat bat hat. LuLu a treacherous of terror the sacred muffit tough it it luff it raised to ceiling and wired and squared, triggers tingling, sat, in a grace of moody transgression looting the dynamite. 

Beauty and its colors submerged drenched in bar knuckles. Avenge of the suffering congeries.

Every one a foil coil or royal n-ami? 

Night and day, succumbs to air lair guerre no spares truant worshipping the tongue, O gravy train trough? huh? the mighty plighty manger!? St. Mary fairy attack attack —

Holy rower, thirsty Gullinbursti (Norse wild boar forged to a glow, from The Eddas) rumbling stumbling grumbling in, neck caught in an act of faith! death to the aftershocks! begging for mercy. Begging for skin to sink back into the real thing, let grace ex hail the sizzle meat rutt gut from raw and naked stark of arisen dirty, drizzling sordid swamps absurd drama llama. 

No kneeling. No kneeling —

Kneel ins, to the neck, are what? where? an entry into garden french somewhere rubicon f’irish. What is this place? Pinwheels swirl in a sea turn of smoke. 

Shock Cock of Ages

LuLu in love. More than life itself more than life itself… Rub a dub dub drain crane strain — and falls into unholy mischief.

Sponge hinge, heavy getty wetty betty.

Everything about Victor — gives it away. Nothing reserved nothing defrayed.

Victor de Loveleye. 

LuLu’s borders skirt rim where flashes, be-wilders, inflames, rains —

Subaquatic rhapsodic — punt and sky — touching toxic, orange red feeble and sly, vanishing between slats spinning spinning.

Glorious spins. More than life itself…

Vehicular violet borders under stun of sun eyes sinking slinking, back again back again against Victor’s wailing wall asleep with beauty, mercy’s revenge.

LuLu’s heart spinning around it. Corridors exploding into clusters sailing ailing mailing, beyond time, time smelled like glory and death, clung together in love and sinking into oceans of sorrow and emptiness.

Strident and sacred, without rescue from reason — chase for reason chase for grace, and the transgression transcendent! leaping screaming tricksters laughing.

Pins in skin like royal wounds, callous beautiful fucks. 

Shame flame, O… fall into the negative, married to madness ? the gin of sins … 

LuLu in love. Beasts crawl into her lap. Behooved and boundless. 

Wary tarry quarry St. Mary. Fowl prowl inside her cunt where hope and death are deeply religious. 

Purity milks it. Pours down on St. Mary fairy. Shine pushing every limit. Where the top tops off — the bottomless opens up. Divine noble reckless savage. 

Victor de Loveleye’s dick. Burning at the wick. 

LuLu Wonders Plunders

Said and done all said and done. The LuLu fuzzy bun in oven with a gun.

Basking ranting blunt brunt cunt, flows in blows, hops on tows — a blick for the Vic, bad sad bounders flounders border hoarder —

From sweet meat to sworn birds to mourn birds to scorn birds — collapse after collapse.

Left with nothing but ?

A lions belly growl. Monstrosities to devaluate.

O beauty stung and left for breathless.

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