Issues in Meta-Fizzics and Free Writing

razing crane


Mining for Cold

Early rounds with runaways — my naked eye pie — never bore crown, always the illegitimate sister. Forgot about that. It was about escaping the box.

Rocks in box — Used to dream about children in boxes being forced into fucking for dads obscene treasure. Around about age 7 or 8.

Mmmmm air edge. This lovingly worried brush. Lurking in sight of darkness, listening. Wandering the slopes of prodigy.

Is it safe?

No, of course not. Is it harmless. No probably not. What god depends on. Hunger beauty and death. Elegance? Roofs spoons strangers.

A place where there is no place. For?

Curly Hair, Jokes, the Insecure Fetch. Arrogance. Sleep. Half dreams.

Blank blank blank. Starts with a blank.

Sweetness is emptiness? The result is disappearance. Blue wait nights.

Curious that usage. Mmmm air edge. How rent boy thing and debtor scatter and payment. Lose track. Blows apart the kidneys. Everywhere.

Sunday in french stall selling table cloth and charms. A quantity for cakes. Opens floor with a death trap undress the egg the worry braid yellow and pious with fear. Flo blows it out the rear.

Rhymes takes over and pushes back.

Can’t see outside where am not. So it tumbles into the onion and waits. I dont know.

Put these floors in between. Hey you eighth house it. 

Afternoon undress cue da death trap egg. Told him other rows worry about this braid. One will do dame gru great i only.

Nodded at the request.

It was a kindness looking over heart in a dear grave. And that carries. Can see beyond the robbery.

As the bad evening, pious fear of the evening. Something about an appointment. Get dense with flo blo.

Dont see colleagues as landlords. Dont even think about acquiring land. Have no land. Or marriage. Never think about any of that with “the girls.” Odd.

Remember as teenager girls started going on about it. I looked at them blank. And examined colors in sky for escape. Kate and fate says dada stuff that waivers from its terror. Fathers who are terrified of their daughters.

So as a daughter. Yellow pad screamed thunder. But bow de lair is shocked by it.

Talk is always about murder and ways to kill parasite off.

Not the murderer says Agnes. The burglar. There is no murderer. Except everywhere.

Pour core into ragey balm balm find out what praying preying are saying? They release the tomb from its holy gloom as smelly air of for in bloom. There is a they. Others do exist. Despite year of aquarium.

Earliest fascinations still bite me. Prisoner stuff. Why egg begs. For straight line magic. Steals it if can. Inter act sounds death hunter listened market place tidy good wind the picture book wraps around neck snakes and stumbles. The Moody. Pollutey flutey.

Rheum cavorts with disappearance? this isnt invisible. Disappearance before was mining went cold. Its landlord wouldnt move too. So went on hold. And blew gaskets of milk and honey. This became its forlorn rim pressionistic. Caught by the “fig.”

Pick flick wick tick the rhyme is cow and plow for me now. I like that. Thank you for the sweep. And for badges. Ewe thin asia. Thats darling. I mean Genets darling. Mixes genders. Strange ruthlessness rains cutters the fasces and I adore it without losing candor? Simple crimes are plenary feast of oblivion. Set up again and then the madness announces itself. Again oh how I hate that.

But its the cutter. Cutter is one of the greek goddesess that infested with Alice and chalice and get out of the palace. Hmm. Later started decorating it. Fly.

Its all walk there. And swims out here. I wanted him out more than me in. But when craziness hit immediately started writing BIG B. Knew I was whipped and needed a “blessing.” He tried and the tin took over me again. Tin stole every acquaintance. In writing. Like a fish hook. Brought it gin a gain.

But a belief in otherness always skips back in. With the outer gallery. Where I am no place for.

And Joyce starts giggling. Innie spin tin fin STOP.

Studied multiples of relations. Sparrows, moodies clock days. Barbarics spies the greek. God depended on me to be strong.

But pie kept on exploding with ding dongs my head was terror of thirst. I couldnt stop the bursts of joy/antijoy. It was so fucking frightening. And they took over one after another the whole thing split into this that then the tho thuds of dynamite hitting Sartres wall of bricks.

And yet wildly distracting ghoulish even amusing. I saw went looking for ghosts of serial mystery yes masturbation is a swamp. Crackled with disturbance and frames that missed it, just got lost in swamp of terror. Whose beauty on some corrupt curious level began to scavenger for love.

This is scavanger. The raven flies here.

The body screams to be relieved of its thirds. Pheonix and raven chance dance the picture enters the flame. Bit brings ease to. Being used to having the flu.

The last to come out of the rain

Unjustice. No naughty rama. Its “outside” scope. Part of falling in love with. Is that ventures outside my scope. In a way that “knocks me up” and terrorizes me. Thats love.

What is the tidy market? Is this writing despite all the marmalade tidy. Or is tidy about peaches? and violet. and buddah foodies.

Death traps are also referred to as being childish afternoon plot “in between.”

High up the gang plank with Nash’s “hall pass.” Looping the gymnasium. Strange penchant for disaster. Weighs the art of grief.

Its a chimney sweep, part of the incendiary. Penchant for snorkling with a box of “raison d’etre” in coal of smoke. Meet me below the clock.

Eternal call for all co hall.

Valley limits plead cough cook louder. Its a pulley. Rains whistles growls, even when asleep. Asleep is daring curious gym where water rains in. Property is not friendship. Friendship here is ignorant. There is ignorance not friendship.

Courage lapses fractures suddenly, cuts in with madness, sheers one of the presenters. Its systemic, a brutal “pop out.” Call it what you will its brutality is indefensible.

Girls say it is about falling in love.

Color Guard

Try endlessly to improve. And have months where do.

But no less strike powder flowing into slides. Colors take on meaning. Of life and death? No? — that of individual effort. Where signs share the intercession of meaning. Colors become a reference to their property. A way to divine define consign align as inheritance properties — figures of speech.

Suffering is always unexpected. But Instrumental. Often called fanatical. And revolutionary. Occurs as maneuvers, beaten, feared, unfolding, ignorant, herd like. A breadth of death air, skillful are often reckless? At times.

When furthers the forbidden. Winds through as if embracing torture. Is in some ways what gives it its strength. Symbols jet, prance with fire, dazzling — turns consent into a parade of flashy unexpected beggars, a massacre of party favors to bereave in.

Thats car.

Its immorality piques theater?

Guns bonnet, leather rushes in, marshals sound, something grows impatient, miserable.

Are thoughts alone immoral? Is sharing thoughts — immoral? Are glowing envelopes immoral? Sound of snow? Everything nothing bright and miserable.

Negation melts the hairless, bridges heartbroken, absorbs shock.

And hideousness turns theatre into rocks. Triggers dizziness that this bad babble in nightmare consumes in its abundance. Executors deliver victory. Unspeakable. Charge for mystical mud pie? Miners’ parrots ought be burned, alive?

Playing dead

Eye feed acres, the fatal mix up, by mountains where engineers more favorable make proximity for gas.

Colonies of modesty, can modesty be bigoted? Act now visit the necessary. Love that.

Nothing is something if it serves an interest. Superstition is talked about a lot. That taboo tattoo process of animal love smitten bitten or kitten, beguiles imagination, wispy creature like depths, three inches free.

Expands as sifts. Love that too.

Tentative — always a mistake. Hi knows. Deer and river and mines and hen juice, expensive debris. Something seemly deliriously unfavorable pending endlessly renews itself underneath. Has to do with reaching, taking time and effort to reach.

Troubles in trees makes anti freeze.

What settles to bottom? When ground has fallen. Weight of rocks.

End fend bend spend rend send. And pool in the river of the liver makes for new parts. A quarter thick known as Devils Breadth. Where hits every meter of measure. Steam pump, equilibrium. Elephant graveyard. Handles beautiful. Never rolls over.

Playing dead. Oh, on the railways. Juice and tobacco. Where’s the productive combination. Gloomy flights, slight near indiscernible movements. Can add up. To scaffolding.

Mining continues to prosper

Kilos and purchase. Far away quakes.

Every recognizable point of fatality. Strikes a lucky vein.

Fertile veins. Harvested monkeys. Fury Gold Mine, the Dublin Raven. Every basin pays.

A curl in any direction mixes fuses snaps back. George town declares: Can’t kill a road map.

Mountain switches have come into view. Ad income is onerous. But comes out thick. A rich poison, a delicious way even to watch it melt into a “sentence.” Dividends are greedy.

Distrust on tinnish expedient is navigable — ah but how the holy con disintegrates. At sound of her voice. Buildings, telephones, temperate environments, turn against the middle. Click click. Click.

Like stepping into an occupied zone. Failure is skeletons warehouses out on loan.

In practice — most favorable search afterwards. 

Allowances for the “melt with you” foundation claim on tigers. Prosperity is laterite, finances magic miles economically. And poignancy qualifies, makes great hair spray.

Own your own bird business

Built to hold. All in. Fruitful. Removal of modesty. Generates reimbursement.

Overcoming pings of modesty and finding immunity are interrelated.

The immunity thing here is big big big new shiny vein —

I love when yall overwhelm me. I know its not pretty. And seems that it arrives from a sudden urgency to leave.

Well thats been true since sayonara!

When stock gets mixed it enriches the feces to species. And barriers are what the onion is all about. For me you are your barriers. Know it allows dark and beautiful product to be poured out. Diligence presses flowers into llamas. Everything is on the off. 

Sea and pine, yall yields are divine.

Thick growth, dirt that crumbles with smell of Bordeaux. And run back a lot. Repetition– arises on back of the golden mean.

Parasites left me unrecognizable.

Until mining turned up as a witness. And dug through lots in eye. And beat off every curse across the midline. Raised chickens. Transported fuel. Persian firewood.

Made peace with fishermen?

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Cutters Must

Love Poems for Lobsters

Middling with Meta Fiction

Presence & madness, desire & distance, alls & nothings.

01 Viral and Spiral v1.1

Splendor. Cutters farm. In vested with a wire.

The slender and the burn.

Digging after dog of night.

Barriers carriers, for chins and fins. The ticklish and the fragile. Flowers belly up and blue.

Holy scares, holy scars, holy reckoning with giddy fumes.

The body of the first — and fall, and holy go go go —

Sweet infernal yoyo. Smor-guess-board of destiny of death — tasting splits the tongue.

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Essays as fiction.

Poetic holy oil and the hideous insidious perfidious sublime.

02 Spiders From Mars v1.2

Jumper Evils

Jill the Puddle Jumper — races after epiphanies — a defender of splendor, with a spoon for the moon. Shadows fetch through darkness after strains of ugliness, wistful and yearning, incessantly for incarnate species of beauty. Any which way.

Curiosity trembled with a tyranny of honor and lust. Every scheme incurred some element that defied reason.

Powerful bursts of the holy moly resistant. Waves of defiant wonder battling with a fire of emptiness. This emptiness is space to jump through. It is the meaning and affectation of life.

Soul becomes body cut loose, running with the wind, meaning bursting through confines of forced conformity — and not just for glory numbers, but slippery reckonings with brute gruesome hopelessness, burst like a coffin that only opens at night.

And its day that slips under the mat choking with terror.

Jill has a nose that swoons against the distance — and given any sudden room to roundelay in, shifts into rapidly sifting views, perceptions find clearance to reverberate and imbue, sudden exponentials turn electromagnetic with buzzing cruces — these spiritual quintessentials are enshrined in beauty of all kinds.

Including the femme fatal. Escaping banality and horror of everyday strife into elements of sacrifice charged with freedom, as a rapturous negative beauty.

Or to philander deferentially with morbid exuberance — searching the highest rafters for edges of destruction. To get the heart climbing.

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01 Motionless Mobius Morbid Fluff

Love rages

a battering ram

and a canalizing


as heat moulders perch

like a bird

wild in worship.

The virgins of hell ring

my wasted double


rile for a pile

oh. Ocean

cheap breathless heap

a wendingness

of morbid flora

lets loose that pin

a blanket white out

alive as a bee hive

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Letters to Epididymus

Letters to Epididymus

Negative of the Contrary

Where Love is Endless


Scoops of Negative Plunder

Quivering, the vulnerable into syllabalizing — a shining vulture — feathers red purple yellow blue, high on holy prey? Wonder if Joyce ever compared himself to a vulture? On morning cliff where sits a red rock and the wind blows heavily.

We want to make pretty? Have chars come to life.

Instead, starts up on a theory of love — that is the beauty of evil. Evil is a fat word. Borderless, boundaryless, and even intermediary. Sacred refuge for the addititious — perverse, mischievous, incendiary.

Looking into time periods again, drat Spengler, those of early Christianity as to say angelic sorteriology and hamartiology, otherwise known as discovery of salvation and sin.

Or rather, what my flowers of luminous evil call: potency of love and evil. Where love is endless, elevates negative to positive. Ugly to Beauty. Timelessness to Infinity.

See pretty in others resolve. Where let love in.

But beauty is full of excuses, having escaped from prison of gently crushed banal conservative dismissal, and religious disdain. Behind which saw horror and decapitation. In dreams slaves raged and were raped — negative escape from emptiness of existence.

Love, as release from a Tyranny of Negation?

Wasn’t just clumsiness. But also being forced by emptiness around me into fighting stagnation.

Every heady book, devoured — was an opening into desecration of the stagnation, negative on a negative became a twist on what love iz, conspirational with the dead (more than not authors read, were dead). Reading books, a rage against machine, quietly in my bed.

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Working thru rot divide or unmodify —  quiet here as mouse house with faust. Today — peace and gud tidings — mine only true one absolute weather support the work to find its own destiny in la langue — was strange to be fat way — body wanted diff life — sylvie s  on dreaming into being — so many every boxtop —the imago far as can go bangs on about — low as can hoe — curiosity hingry and terror and timid — blotchy buggy soggy tiered — then reach out seemingly umbillically to other worders birders — and bounders to absorb mirror cul and  meth thud and exchange rats and ratios  and rations fah who boo knew ❤️❤️ — those who permet me become be livd on art part cart liberal — theres a one track hack evil button in la langue — find alone is “very” disarming — so guess seek the other to make wayway thru — not wanting to disrupt as bends my curve to breaking points which blow mouse house down -/ but black hole mmm engine too -/ new story finding chloe — let it sneek off into abso lutes ?? And others arrive to arg the vousdo back then dress in a n weave patterns glut slut means tooo seeking a grace — finding beauty and disaster and chuckles the misxmaker somebody — all but “resistance boxacrackers” want “share tea with v.”

es — Mmmmmy lyf small — but the work is getting “tight” yah — not doing any of this to  burst at feet but jess stand up even say “ullo” — perhaps eod if can get loggers at factory to flesh it out  fully — pea haps then wriding itself cud out go the shrimpy — all can do iszzz kip hoing -/ litter ex ists in black box of pie heavens no nothing assume everything — motto my grotto — SafeStreetsUSA


Na knot ankcore — but  flow t twas 2 stay a flo te — naught pulled all wayway under again ana again — by waves of the sw eat hell o of m add ness — peace enuff in heart to “see” as a general way of perceiving purr suing ex changing litter n fill —  tho still get caught in patterns of mis tea rious reasoning — on hole  humor serves thru process of “finding” the serious — in laden and loaf, and peaches in trees —


Cud not have gotten pie to piece of peace on this without leaning towrs of pizza — mindbidysoul roll in the “hole” — looking fig out maintain mid grnd ( instead of yaknow burning man grnd zrro)  endless love online works perfecta emmy pammy saus gd2go vousdo ruespew hippped make out a motionless meadured and absorbing caze para wick — now in the fic ?? Make up own version what fic is — ?? Hmm now is whispy moany inelegant —  starting back on fiction — raise under surface to a dimension of what hmmm

Just did a fa$h sketch from agent s bern approved — tooooday way heavy dev/y hi end drawing class prep sat at 1 -/ also about finding line – focus pocus —  that round 1000 pie hi happy fingers number sum in can with fannand pans collecting nuggera — the knocks the pix  and the fizzies —  to the slippery edges of wipperwood — i know its frig it fright height bite night reading a la rob the bin hood — tooooo also do fiction — something go back for ? // please says the  beez blet bluzz earotic nuts and way the doodle noodle hoody poodle canoodle and nuts for guts — peepoe ddeafylocks pox and frisson and say hello for real as a V — edgr of gorest always waves and yells yo join her at the milk bar fizz wizz and hup comes the resistance — loopp fuck rrrrttt /- hu go not but -/ jack the riphuh pulling petals off poppy — oh hate city oh are wars between screamers // who cross dada pts with marcel -/ hate pushes back hate isa great pocus focus -/ yet/just anutter moon flitter with death — and make way gor day — which due too heavy river syvvy heloise in church — betty lost ton of cup cakes in garbage of golden ruins — is a bird born wasteland happiness deformrd — still living faithfully on hump over at circuitous dump -/ collecting presh tin — hmm – to take from proncess to dimples on the dump in 666.

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Index for Nick Cave’s The Red Hand Files

Latest on Top

119 What do you think about NA? As a recovering heroin addict, I am having difficulty getting into the Narcotics Anonymous scene. Do you have any more advice for a recovering heroin user?

119 I was thinking how much I wish I could write this story to you in Greek, my native language. In June one of my best friends suddenly died aged 46.

118 I’m thinking about having a child but everything looks so grim right now. It looks like your website is censoring people who ask about Israel.

117 Do you enjoy magic? Card tricks, stage illusions, that kind of thing.

116 Nina Simone once said: Freedom means having no fear. Sometimes on stage, she added, she would reach that kind of state. How do you free yourself from fear?

115 September 2020.

114 If, for decades, an anchor served a ship, which one day decided to cut its chains and sail away, can the drowning anchor grow wings? And if so, will the anchor always be burdened by the weight of having been used? 

113 On The Lyre of Orpheus, the track Breathless moves me beyond words. In the intro every time I hear it I’m taken to a 14th or 16th century style ensemble.  Is that the intention or can you explain where that comes from?

112 I spent the day watching Bad Seed TeeVee and the fan cover versions of your songs are amazing. How will you choose a winner?

111 I think you’ll be touched by this story, and the part you play in it. Please take a look. 

110 Is it true that Kanye’s new album is delayed because you both took the last minute decision to include a track you have been working on together?

109 What is mercy for you? What do you think of cancel culture?

108 What do you do when the lyrics just aren’t coming?

107 Part 3. Why don’t you just buy your own fucking piano, you cheap c**t.

107 Part 2. No more mails to Fazioli please.

107 The piano you played for Idiot Prayer was magnificent. Was it a personal instrument?

106 I lost someone in the last year. I thought it was fine. It was a gentle passing. Now shapes and echoes resound. I feel a presence that comes and goes. How to understand the experience of loss. It’s not something I could negotiate with.

105 Do you ever collaborate with Susie?

104 Is there a protest song out there that you greatly admire for the way it was written or arranged?

103 If you feel that he is beside you… and within you, why would you need to look for him? What is love for you?

102 Do you ever look back at your anthology and wish you had been more overtly politically outspoken in your art? I love your music and its ability to relate common suffering, as you have discussed in the past.

101 Would you consider compiling a list of 40 books you love?

100 If you would have a gold ring made that your son would inherit one day, what would you have engraved inside the ring? I am currently having a ring made that I want my son to have after my day.


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Phrase Hunting, Notes & Sketches, Translating French

Books & Then Some: Love, Want or Otherwise

Free Writing & Fast Drawing

9.13.20 Working thru rot divide or unmodify —  quiet here as mouse house with faust. Today — peace and gud tidings — mine only true one absolute weather support the work to find its own destiny in la langue — was strange to be fat way…

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Issues in Meta-Fizzics and Free Writing

10.22 Mining for Cold Early rounds with runaways — my naked eye pie — never bore crown, always the illegitimate sister. Forgot about that. It was about escaping the box. Rocks in box — Used to dream about children in boxes being forced into fucking for…

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Samuel Beckett Reads Watt

Watt will not abate one jot but of what of the coming to of the being at of the going from Knott’s habitat of the long way of the short stay of the going back home the way he had come of the empty heartof the…

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Index for Nick Cave’s The Red Hand Files Latest on Top 119 What do you think about NA? As a recovering heroin addict, I am having difficulty getting into the Narcotics Anonymous scene. Do you have any more advice for a recovering heroin user? 119 I was thinking how much I wish I…

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The Ticklish Subject

Slavoj Žižek Ticklish Subject

The Ticklish SubjectThe Absent Centre of Political Ontology by Slavoj Žižek Intro: A Spectre is Haunting Heideggerian proponent of the thought of Being who stresses the need to ‘traverse’ the horizon of modern subjectivity culminating in current ravaging nihilism. Inherent excess, inherent logic philosophers of subjectivity articulate…

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The Limits of Fabrication

The Limits of Fabrication: Materials Science, Materialist Poetics (Idiom: Inventing Writing Theory) by Nathan Brown, book about materials science and Charlie Olson’s (I, Maximus of Gloucester, to You) poetry. Form of language courted by Heidegger — over what is life and what is rock. Reminds me…

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The Crying of Lot 49

“I came,” she said, “hoping you could talk me out of a fantasy.” “Cherish it,” cried Hilarius, fiercely. “What else do any 0f you have? Hold it tightly by its little tentacle, don’t let the Freudians coax it away or the pharmacists poison it out of…

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Politics of Scene

By Paul Kottman, Sanford University Press. The brilliance and originality of this book consists specifically in its radical recasting of the metaphorical, figural uses of “theater” and “drama.” —Robert Hanke Paul is editing a new book series at Stanford University Press, Square One: First Order Questions…

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Samuel Beckett’s Library

By Dirk Van Hulle and Mark Nixon, Cambridge University Press. Fully examines Beckett’s reading practice, and the way he used his reading in his writing. “… impressive, rigorous, coherent, and innovative.” —Yves Laberge, The European Legacy Samuel Beckett’s actual library “is still where it was at…

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German Grammar

After reading just three chapters, could read titles for Philosophy Books/Articles and tell apart parts of sentences and match up meaning to words.

Happy (en)Trails with Fodder Shakespeare

Phrase hunting with The William. A collection of spirit walking phrases from the Shakespeare Lexicon. A Complete Dictionary of All the English Words, Phrases and Constructions in the Works of the Poet, Vol 1 & 2. Alexander Schmidt, LL. D. (1902). Revised and enlarged by Georage…

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The Sick Bag Song

The Sick Bag Song

The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave is especially essential to my collection. Helps me wake up beyond revelations of ornery terrors: to behold with honesty humor and relish the beauty in my obsessions – Especially those that otherwise would tear the soul apart.

01 Colette Peignot, 1903 – 1938

Book of collected writings called Laure, written by Georges Bataille’s once paramour Colette Peignot. For a time they lived together. She got tuberculosis, died in his house at 35. Had, it is said, by that time destroyed much of anything else she may have wrote, though some…

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Lulu in Hollywood

I really liked Lulu In Hollywood by Louise Brooks. Working in Hollywood, and on dancing stages, travelled with Ziegfeld. Its an honest book. Bitter, its been called — but I dont see it that way entirely. Its another hard knocks western song out of Kansas and…

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Hidden Prohibitions & the Pleasure Principle

Josefina Ayerza with Slavoj Zizek from Flash Art on “The entire satisfaction, the jouissance is that you do not know and will never know who the other is… the entire satisfaction is in this purely symbolic exchange…” “In quantum physics for example you have the idea of possibility….

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Discussing Density

Camus mentions density Ran across in Camus a discussion that includes observations on density, on the notion of thoughts or a visual modality being dense. Density is a big thing for me. Some of us experience life as density, as befit with density. Camus assigns discovering…

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My I Ching

Falling asleep with Finnegans Wake. Gave me hallucinations still cherish. Think about this book a lot. Like a fish, the tide and blotting paper. Aquatic with words, to see what undercurrent pings and plots like a sinking rock. I love this book. Where poetry upends with…

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Les Fleurs Pensée sur l’Amour

Two books had super heavy influence on me very early on. Ezra Pounds translation of Remy du Gormant’s The Natural Philosophy of Love. A later 1800’s serious tract about sexual instincts in animals. And translated with marked succinctness and intensity by the great Ezra. Loved it….

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Albert Camus Myth of Sisyphus

Fundamental question of philosophy, to live or not. What is called a reason for living is also an excellent reason for dying — To run the risk, a passion, allegiance, faith, zeal — to point of death becomes equiv to intensification: a passion of living. Willingness…

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Modes of Abjection

Slavoj Žižek & Jela Krečič Modes of Abjection

Ugly, Creepy, Disgusting, and Other Modes of Abjection by Jela Krečič & Slavoj Žižek — Ugly as an aesthetic category. Gradual abandonment Unity. Das negativschone, negatively beautiful — Sublime and the ridiculous, how one rubs up against other — Overwhelming ugly becomes monstrous, can no longer…

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In Praise of Folly

From Wikipedia. Essay written in Latin in 1509 by Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam and first printed in June 1511. Inspired by previous works of the Italian humanist Faustino Perisauli  De Triumpho Stultitiae, it is a satirical attack on superstitions and other traditions of European society as well as on the Western Church. Erasmus revised and extended his work, which…

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Clarice Lispector

Agua Viva. Ex-lover to whom she must explain. And para after para gushes out after thresholds where language goes beyond the simple or complex, beyond deviousness, and even beyond reflection or admission, to something ailing for a form. Seeps as paint does blood through the grave…

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Auguste Brachet

Auguste Brachet

Got off of Considered historically important French language book by Etymologtist Auguste Brachet. Its pretty darn good – Cours complet d’histoire de la langue française conforme au programme du Conseil supérieur de l’instruction publique en date du 15 juillet 1880.
Brief History of Infinity

Brief History of Infinity

PAULO ZELLINI Compares line where divine meets the sublime and language of the counting heads – as coextensive with history of math, which it is. Book very fine for philosophy majors.

Beckett with Lacan by Slavoj Zizek

Slavoj Zizek talking up Beckett & Lacan: “If there ever was a kenotic writer, the writer of the utter self-emptying of subjectivity, of its reduction to a minimal difference, it is Beckett. We touch the Lacanian Real when we subtract from a symbolic field all the…

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02 Laure: History of a Girl, by Colette Peignot

Eyes pierce the night. Young girl in long white chemise, half asleep, mumbling. In a corner, in light and shadows, she kneels quavering before crucifix and Virgin. Pious images cover all the walls, she – my noctabulant – lends all readiness in her knees then off…

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The Art of Dressing Curves

The Art of Dressing Curves is a gorgeous book that only SUSAN MOSES could write. Acclaimed stylist for the curvy side of life. No other book quite like it. Includes diagrammatic of 9 collars that she had me draw. I admire Susan greatly! Her faith helps…

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L’Experience Interieure

Read almost everything by GEORGES BATAILLE on beauty, sex & death. He wrote novels & philosophy. This is his master work. Holding French against English I have read it at least three times. I adore it. Sacred essentials of horror & beauty taken out to edges…

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Comment C’est

SAM BECKETT, in his book Comment C’est, circles language La Boue (means mud in FR, nostalgia de la boue). He flushes and loops through an exquisite meandering mud of reason & dreams like a cryptographic lattice. My language dreams in La Boue too. Only now to open…

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Why We Gesture

Development of communication & gesture by pre-eminent expert in field, Prof. Emeritus DAVID MCNEILL. Author of 11 books on language, gesture, speech and so on. Several of which are considered classics. (If I get 1 pub’d in my life time will be a frckng miracle.) Very…

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