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Humble Pie

Dusty Hope

Roll call. Every neg. That spikes the plunder. Now can pop like bubble wrap. Think of as capture. Put in columnar as artifacts that rhapsodize. Rolling with the thunder.

One foot hopper. Holiday mulct ? Every wag hog creates hampers, and cavorts with titillations in mulct that rallies with love.

Work thru the moo cow — as beauty stretching after limits. To cross into neg can assume sacred posture. As revelation.

Thralldom was a catch of fire. That love burned from. In the body.

Can become a treachery, and sufferance too. Relating to battles with the absurd and the fallen (cycle of death bunnies).

Thralldom can be about grace and its attendant insurrections. Body of the fallen, can get captured by violent sulks with the singular. Must push through push through — reactionary traumas, puzzling hurdles of structural blindness.

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Phishing License

Hears whistles, street long trains rains one day, again undeterred. The beam the screamers find if, any, were impeccable, to a valley and a side and a who to glue drew.

Old fears like dead gods lived cruelly underground twisting this way that way. High landers gushing flow and crow. The waters waiting in bleaksville by the door. Wanderers ponderers quanderrers. Finders leapers reepers heapers.

Dead end deepers…

Hello, who is this!!

Light. Follow the light…

Good-natured birch can supper the sour ball, and pick up a bat in grass garden — one in hand , the other in head. Devious are the lonesome…

Can exist without costing the “collector” anything?

Contrary is a fairy, and fairies are emissary. What a little bit of tenderness actually brings? Arent wings. But focus on craft?!

Feathers plucked, plucked off the tar, onebyone from slippers to desolations to ferriors to zog.

Good-natured hides concealed in horror while battling the croc o dial — and yet its greed, good nature has a greed — to believe, remains unswayed, naked as an angel.

Holes can run deep, split like tree branches tied to a “body” of very old landlord gods, way back beginning meticulous thought probs on the application of “singular truths” whose horror she rips.  

Property is important. Branches are eggs. Brown is testerown and testament. Difficult to tame.

Joy as joy — and not death of the fire brigade is for the thirsty extraordinarily delicious. Whimsicality is important for giving some drydock to serioso listening at roofs, even where terror produces terrorists.

There is strangeness in it. A fluidic rummy. Writing is I know puffy and carcus starkus darkus.

Little bit of heaven is better than being out in the rose garden with malice for chalice and fishing with ear plugs, old bello ubers say in se there to give.

Astonishes works even so well as is. Pie-us addresses fragrances, helps measurement, helps blow out where riots, and especially where eats more than half, thats where its a robbery. Stairs to speak to heaven is old islamic law.

To know what hates violently, what provides arrogance, what smells stirs with goats, and birds, in trees. Sherry’s seas… stores it off. Protects the injury. Tells scary stories during sleepovers. Cuts through onions to tears, reads in the twilight. Coughs up darlings. Reveals elegance of it. Loves even as a consequence of it.

Friendly lighthouse is a rest from booty of the moody where argue with the refreshments. 

To eat and be full. Grow chins. Hike along the back of mountain chains. Near kitchens, that praise the gardener.

Oats and Dray

Novella Now Working On. Fluidic remorsers. With lots of attributionals, Beckett the absurdist shows up in accumulato phrasing as a free dusty. Joyce freedoms too, but curving toward shakespear, for that play bird build word take it to the surd family of formations. Particles go lightly mysteriously pursued. Glues against something massive and passive and stinky, awful swirls of love and death that chirp and burp their way into boat races with sweet pushes with oblivion, rugs have no mercy. Thats why they are strange miraculous so terribly interesting… Cage wage rage. Keep me alive. And then it breaks, the line breaks it breaks into skipping rhyme, all the time, I gave up and just let it fall in with verses (music the) bardic as entry into the notorious sublime. Let the language rutt cut fluff itself up, expose the wash and wear, tediously repeatiously, skins for the infinite. As cuts a hole in my throat to speak out of. Garble besides your yelly mm belly twingers. Let the for-enders out. Crisp at cross purposes… Skitters by catcher and rhy m, narrative narrative, like Rimbauds gushy flow blow, though not as loose or as pretty. Sheers for ears veer off into starkness of neg and fog pining like spells through Dante’s hells, tethered to its beams, wandering in the seams, and wring the clots out. Let it go and get a little lost there. As anywhere. Shelling horse for the love of oats. Precious oats. With this here benediction.

My brother the warrior

Brother was first enemy.

Ow. Falling is time, it falls in on me. His bloodwork fills skies. Hobbit not one for moving. Moving. Oh swords kids angry jet

Fret bet dimmmm. Heart of warrior, chases the heart.

Death takes a bath here — its everything. Cant make sense of it. slobbering dwarf of sorrow. Grief is wild. Hard and shard. Kicking dirt.

Dont lead dog into a dead end

Chinese fortune cookie last night. Dont lead dog into a dead end.

Brother didnt think much of marm, invasion of joyces bouncing white balls on sylls vampire

marm as an oar. in its thore, lock. Cervantes accosts in a rage —

After the Fall

He paid a lot for me and took me everywhere he went. I was lost from life. Even sleeping ravaged me. Madness was a blanket of black light. He gave me his family.

Still breaking down into sobs, every 7th of 7th.

Pain of loss wearing into me eating at me. Beasts abuzz with mourning.

Poet puppets, all down in basement, smoking cigarettes boozed up tearing in at dead, wake up wake up, tears fall. Love is endless.