Modes of Abjection

Ugly, Creepy, Disgusting, and Other Modes of Abjection by Jela Krečič & Slavoj Žižek

Ugly as an aesthetic category. Gradual abandonment Unity. Das negativschone, negatively beautiful —

Sublime and the ridiculous, how one rubs up against other —

Overwhelming ugly becomes monstrous, can no longer be sublated into sublime –

Definitions of monstrous – as a badge of ?

when sublime generates excruciation which due to its intensity provides negative stimulus, disruption, disunity, nightmare, much like theatre, like entertainment, only its nebulousness and carnality are interior – not extraneous

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Myth of Sisyphus, Camus Notes, Quotes

Fundamental question of philosophy, to live or not. What is called a reason for living is also an excellent reason for dying —

To run the risk, a passion, allegiance, faith, zeal — to point of death becomes equiv to intensification: a passion of living. Willingness risk “everything” for it.

Balance between evidence and lyricism, according to Camus, can allow for one to achieve simultaneously extent (burdern, infleunce etc) of emotion, and yet without sacrificing lucidity.

An act like this is prepared within the silence of the heart, as is a great work of art. The man himself is ignorant of it. One evening he pulls the trigger or jumps.

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Happy (en)Trails with Fodder Shakespeare

Shakespeare Lexicon. A Complete Dictionary of All the English Words, Phrases and Constructions in the Works of the Poet, Vol 1 & 2. Alexander Schmidt, LL. D. (1902). Revised and enlarged by Georage Sarrazin.

Phrase hunting with The William. In reading terms — this is my tenth or so dictionary. Started off with Brewers Phrase and Fable which loved.

“Phrase hunting” got from book on Beckett. As per usual, am collecting phrasing and usage, as comb thru this gorgeous collected Lexicon — And, am putting ones find interesting up here — as others might find interesting too. It is an ongoing thing. (Volumes consist of 1400 pages approx.)

Note bene: Can get both fab a lot volumes online free at Can get hardcover library edition. Also tons of used out there at very decent prices by any number of sellers.


Abandon. Abandoned her holy grove. Tit. II, 3, 58.

Abreviated. Neighbor abreviated me. LLL V, I, 26.

Abhorring. Flatter beneath abhorring. Cor. I, 1, 172.

Abide. Blood untainted still doth red abide. Lucr 1749.

Abject. His eye reviled me as his abject object. H8 1, 1, 27.

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The Ticklish Subject

The Ticklish SubjectThe Absent Centre of Political Ontology by Slavoj Žižek

Intro: A Spectre is Haunting

Heideggerian proponent of the thought of Being who stresses the need to ‘traverse’ the horizon of modern subjectivity culminating in current ravaging nihilism.

Inherent excess, inherent logic philosophers of subjectivity articulate certain excessive moment of ‘madness’ inherent to cogito.

Abyss of freedom. Key dimension of the imagination is disruptive.

Proliferation multiple forms of subjectivity.

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Beckett’s Murphy

comments replies have stopped working — after reached 50. better a hill than a ditch — but thats dante too ey? wwme on the fff artwork, fresh phrases from murphy. I am going to start a page of saving of murphy phrases over in readings. signed fuzzyjohnandmuzzypaul