Belief in the Intervening?

Boatmans call. First line of song into my arms. Dont believe in intervening god.

Wish at times I was more easily intervened — cud lit tings go — or go at with free will — had to fight with old gods to free my brain — because they terrorize my skin — Ends me up in the middle somewhere —

The Angelic Function. Oh, déranger in French means rearrange or disturb arrangement — but not it appears that thing hording dementia — As holy causes generating thru with wild lyrical appropriation of meaning, of death, horror, heartbreak and nothingness —

Entry into sweeneys garden great escape to la lang bang? trees of green turning into a holy cow —

Madness runs through Sweeney Astray, its the first semimodern coda re the mad thing (other than dionysian) predates shakespeare.

Forced by life into becoming conventional — broke every bone in my heart — Now its a massive relief just to “hang in there” — ?

Twas “this” a change up proceeding from interventional wisdom — yuh — up from well of time in time (not genealogy of time out of time) —Index is part of the thank you part.


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