12 Snowflake Filling Cracks

Fiery fury

reenters the hanging.

Unframe the unforgotten !

Fight for it fight

for it. Thickly and Gospel.

Truth or Fail.

Violets on wall the final call.

Penetrate evil

arouse the green gun.

Come Dover come…

Electric pretty

a prisoner of —

the all fall down.

Radians come come

turn about — about

zero degrees to the sun.

Where mulct parades

for the enemy enemy ?

Bright envy lopes frantic

send to an end

hurled huddled inside

tomb eye of Ra

begging for it begging for it.

To stop.

To cherish.

Pressed tense

hard ground, him.

Through lacquer and fire ?

Couplers without breaks ?

Removals float into traction.

Patiently sweat. 

Scattered grows stock.

Must beam. The night, enters out.

Umbels, straight into it into it

hunt that suffers autoload,

praise the cartridges.

Angels on fluxuating palm

creates perimeter

to thicken and think ah

the missing link.

Colors of every pallid

tremor and horror.

No hurrying the indescribable.

Alternating null sets.

Walls of kinship (by intermarriage)

reflexions in ear

breaching the alterior.

Misery drapes, glows jets takes

shapes. Reckless sad

a violet frenzy

swirls of the purple, matter.

Redlines, rum running

dogs of summer

blameless hassassins,

fashion awaits…

Hard broken slingers.

Credits slip from fingers.

Parks by rainbow

rough fish cling fish soap fish, a lake.

Misdo and misdoom

altures of the pastiche — fall guy

on the make.


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  1. one came such for each.

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