close up photo of a red lionfish
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I am Redecorating

Metafizzics as a fiction in the flesh sublime, to a stickiness of rhyme.

Never have i sever…

Dissed or Missed an Hop Pour Tune to Sub Lime, hugger bugger the ryme

  • Easy to Win ?

    Easy to Win ?

    Easy to win and the love to die. Love doesnt die in Bot-a-celli. Who drew each of of those figures as distinct. Love is a visionary as delusions are seminal, think of hell also as strewn with Genets flowers is not merely a convenience,

    Holy. Folds.

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  • Now on Substack too.

    Subliterate Swoons

    Perfusions and Delusions

    A Thou Sand Dead Pie

    Hunting with Clarice, etc.

  • Woody and Flashlight

    Woody and Flashlight

    Language of abandoning syndromes – to leaky freaky whims of my pie — of nature. One knows its function is as a fiction. Chars often show up in triplicates. Char is something short of character, more like Italian for clowns…

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