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Poetry: La Zone de Tristesse

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Temptations with Writing Across Forms

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  • A Spain For Drain In Brain
  • Adventures In Note Taking
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Red hand files index

  • Honey-Do for Nick Cave

My Writing has a tenderness for the Absurd.

Whereas my Drawings are

  • Serious Gestures commissioned for,
  • Traditional gesture or renderings of nudes,
  • Fashion sketches of many type and usage,
  • Digital cartoons for Substack that are wirey and free wheeling. (That’s the idea anyway),
  • Flash Drawings that are expressive and inked — I call my Three Minuters:
another nude 2 2


I am a rhyme roller, as Beckett calls us rhymers. I still consider poetry verse.

Poetry feeds on what love doves, what life rifes, the mystery of it, temptation, tortures, residuals.



Am sorting out offline.

It is an outwandering, into poetic narrative, using and abusing fiction devices, its imbibed on an earnestness and tensity for meta, logic and the absurd. It reads like fiction but feels like poetry, feels like fiction but reads like poetry…

Essay + Notes, Links

I found myself querying across forms. Essays here are an early examination of what I began running into, both discursively and technically. As well as a response to group theories on free writing.

Mostly do on Substack now, in both my notes there and in a variety of Newsletters.

model with skirt

Writing is always in search of its own reason to exist persist enlist…

Drawing occurs for me as a tenderness – for form + line – that I just can’t resist.

arms out kraft

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