Singing in The Fire ✅

Caught like 
a moat and a fish,
down your wishing
well pants

for body parts,
in the tameless.
Holy hellions,
angelic pleasures -

a stower alighting
fishes biting,
skully wags and skidmarks
vitals fresh
in bloom.

Restless masks
of Venus
tyranny in the divine
pineal body
of the shadowy
and the sublime.

Bee wilder’d
by the fairy tarry parry Larrys -
the wind milling
sank u warys

the timeless
the borderless -
damnation alley
singing in the fire,

dangling on a bridge
beside a rope -
to jump, jump
into the waters below

and be caught like a fish
waiting for the call -
A sleeping groan,
beside her phone

where tire hit the tree:
A stygian
mining rootstocks,
a maze to my oblivion...
rumbling like the sea

to its treasure hunt,
wing clipped
like a bee.

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