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  • Land A Lake Run Off

    Therefore Nonexistence is, Pluriparty thinks, a sorcery for “immunity.” Pluri vs the nonexistence thing. Too full, Miss Many Penny. Therefore, no one home. No worries, Pluri announces, no one home. Up worms squirms with alarum turns — declarations of nonexistence, to wrap up the pain in a Buddha thing — so arrows have nowhere to…

  • Sylvia Plath Reading Poems from Ariel

    Sylvia Plath Reading Poems from Ariel

    Found reference to Open Culture‘s reference to “Hear Sylvia Plath Read 18 Poems From Her Final Collection, Ariel, in 1962 Recording” at Warren Ellis Experience. Thank you friends of Warren. Thank you Tudor Ciurea for uploading. There is even a poem called Nick and the Candlestick. They are brave horrible beautiful and relentless. Reading from her…

  • Free Writing & Fast Drawing

    1.13.20 Yesterday wad gonna finally sendy russell agan — had this winderful focus on sense of it fir an hour — then shirl hula hoopd and versé ( verser means to pour in fr) joyce jammed against ziz and dyna aka came out of shower togetgher and split a forkwidth my red meat — hi👋…

  • Apotropaic ✅

    Free from pander? free from shame? The divine implacability of sorrow. Melts like fire, generations of pain Loot and branch, bloom and flame. Hike morale patch, over evil eye Transcend divinity, tower of slain — With a revery of hopes, and the power of rain. Views: 36