Pissing Rain in Spain — Delusional Variations in Excremental Splendor

Poetic Holy Oil and The Insidious Perfidious Sublime

01 Inextricabality & Mind Where You Ho/e

Presently working on this “essay as fiction” for book: Pissing Rain in Spain, Delusional Variations in Excremental Splendor — Welcome to my playground. V for Voussoir Knick knock knock. Important repeating burningness of shrub. Joke with the jail time. Slave to life to god to time. As a zig trigger…Continue reading

02 Cars from Mars

Jumper Evils Puddling with jumpers — races after epiphanies — a defender of splendor, with a spoon for the moon. Shadows fetch through darkness after strains of ugliness, wistful and yearning, tremblers a tyranny of honor and lust. Defiant from reason. Bursts of the holy moly is a resistance to…Continue reading

03 Bobbing Blue

1.1.19 Last Catch Wormy Bit? The heart corrupts again with delicious goods, goods that bob in the blue. But everything is a haze now, snug in a silence, a sweet meltdown of the beautiful travesty. Reading L’Innommable (in french) is heavenly corruption too, the thing is balanced on a nose,…Continue reading

Aw Hell

12.18.19 Occasionally writing is glorious for me, I find that astonishing. And intriguing where it goes and how it muses its way there. Speed reading Beckett in French, new affection for Beckett again! in a way thats right on top of what I am doing, with giggling Proustian fits. That…Continue reading

Body of Hate — hardly started.

Small defiant ludicrous. But there is something here we love. The worst it gets the worst we love it.  There’s a foot there caught in trap, turns into a well, and the well descends, and we pull on chain as swim around it, drown (multiplied times) and pop back up. …Continue reading

canvas dante

Hillock animator emerged to inebriate let her fingers over here. Jets is missing mine. Canvas dante mouth be thrown advance mold suspended ending continuously or. Yes no, turning and chewing wills to look. Use answered tremble on. Touched it rested we had gulls perpetuated meetsbelieved el beach and dove listen…Continue reading

Climax and The Horizon

Athwarts Division V5 Fancy chancy. Step by step. Doing undoing, aching forsaking. Neediness for day lights, wake up wake up, call call call. With LiLu LeSuere it was always urgent. Sun burning repetitiously up against sweet delusions of hell. Moils bunnies in their box, screamers screamers, the box is toxic,…Continue reading

Concerning Uncertainties

Uncertainties intoxicate. Also started 6.6, probably will rename, a few more tucks and nips. Thank you forever. Tremble and it turns pale. There. There everywhere. Crackling and the deep. Unexplainable disavowal no begging, slept restlessly. Deep one crackling peer a mid carved window thirsty for you. Traverses thebes lingers on…Continue reading

Day Tripper

12.3 Go Willingly Head feels slightly elephantitis. That big fat empty. This always happens when sit on edge of something that then isnt a dream anymore but a doing thing. The wayside pulls up, as mechanic was tinkering, and empties of my precious evil art upon the gnolls, where thirsty…Continue reading

Desert Stormy v

New formula pursuing with a purpose. First pursue “bones” underneath, however dense or hit up against rhyme, whatever angels, auditors or chars pop out — Let them come knocking, let them in as find. All will bare aspects cliche but pay no mind. Just accept it and see what you…Continue reading

Fat and All That

Play Kay drunk from The Wills. This is a Free Writing Run On on top of another that received as an open cut. Its a composit of questions, sessions, and “chars” am presently working on. Chars are not characters, but angelic frisbees of the bodyless carnates. Methodology is a kind…Continue reading

Feminime Jouissance

Exchange of extensions. So valuable. I am sad. I am glad. I am bad. New char called Leatherette, my lovely leatherette, stubborn, defiant, but chummy too yummy gummy often stumped — but not (and this is important) frantic. Char Lotta is now proclaiming wants to do a whole bend-etta on…Continue reading

Flower Drum Song

Couple of months of sheer underwear heaven, she says to herself over and over. Underwear heaven is a new sobriquet for The Badlands. She loved The Badlands. The freedom there to persist as chimera of beauty (and longing): as resilience itself, as question mark, as yearning, as contemplation, as pyschomancy,…Continue reading

Flower Drums of Paris

First Draft 3.8.20/ Much Still to Edit 6.26.21 — It has a floor, and that floor is its doors, every line opens up a closet and looks in, via la lang bang. Every freedom that pops up in usage and time, is pursued. And repetitions lacing through also give it…Continue reading

Flying Nun

Claudine – Falling in love. Transference. From Thought to Language. When topics are love and love appears as a beyond hope – there is no reality, shadows as orbital, incurs calibration with transference, otherness, occultation, the ecliptic, subject itself as language of death. Claudine is a: Fool in Love. Surrounded…Continue reading

Is It Hell?

1.6.20 V2 Something keeps on reaching out anyway. Reading signs — in the emptying sand, weaves shadows into meaning, and comes alive, at stunning visual distances. Lives for it, loves for it. Something irreparable keeps me there. Searching for surface of love. But what, what am I reaching for —…Continue reading

Ixion at rest

So much in there cannot breath. But breathless is joy climbing up and down at once. Va and vient. Out on rafters where bats cuddle upside down heats up fur and feather. Clirice outcome at pleasure pumps for a beautiful dump is a part of Constance who “hilly billy wills”…Continue reading

Land A Lake Run Off

Therefore Nonexistence is, Pluriparty thinks, a sorcery for “immunity.” Pluri vs the nonexistence thing. Too full, Miss Many Penny. Therefore, no one home. No worries, Pluri announces, no one home. Up worms squirms with alarum turns — declarations of nonexistence, to wrap up the pain in a Buddha thing —…Continue reading

Last Kiss

Last kisses turn buck shy, then grow suddenly fetid ferocious, then lapse into feeling free, what breaks the heart preserves it, too. Tin can eyes and art made of string. The archangel like a pumpkin is back in my bones like values and tools and jewels and a mule, hooves…Continue reading

Love, Timidity & Impudence

V4.2 Coming together finally. Visibility & Collapse How, in lurching waves of splendor, moony loony lude defiant, and supplicating, got caught in a struggle with death, with distance and blankness – Caught in a dire form of dread, where present tense seamlessly disappears, insensibly vanishes into perturbances at edges of…Continue reading

Making the Cut

Drowning — drowning in Beckett. Its lovely its something I do. Letting others output consume — in utter “outright” titillation as flume of delusional revelry. Swim in swamp loner pudding where Beckett scrapes, combs, scrutinizes, intermediates… He is a hunter too — he basks in it, too. How there is…Continue reading

Naked Lunch Break

Holy Shit The “squander/plunder” bunny — Keeps on falling into bunny hole. Bunny hole is tacit reference for going down with the plumb.  Exchange of beauty accompanied by death, violence accompanied by death, enthusiasm, love above, duty accompanied by death, fathoms spasms of license to love, falling head over heels,…Continue reading

New Sht

Have four new ones did from latest cutters. Few changes still needed but basically work. Anticipating doing more. Finding it VERY VERY HELPFUL settling things down. Thank you. Calming everything down and yet working my way through. I dont want to create disruptions that disorient or cause difficulties. I DONT…Continue reading

Orbits Gum

Go looking for it. Orbits. Trenches devour the holy with mm, goal foal stole roll hole mole change out squill fill hill bill chill always until. Its planted in a garden of symp toe Matt holy toss before hearth of cramp damp amp hamp lamp. Rhymin roots through me. Nothing…Continue reading

Repetition, Fixation and Irruption as Gateway to Meta in Poetry

Repetition behaves and interacts to produce synchronicity and divergence in the meta.  By meta, I am referring (rhetorically) to its possessing inducement and modulation of both meaning and focus. Repetition acts to underscore beauty in all its traffic patterns as an immersive, inherent in nature of time and language itself. …Continue reading

Sickness Intercedes

Eek Angels 12.14.19 3rd draft No writing for days due to bad cold very bad — body is language suddenly tied to its tyranny. All that beautiful flinging whole hog at rug beneath the waves — wattles of work and etudier — and cold slams me down into pills and…Continue reading

Splash and Spill of Sacred Moil

adventures in note taking I got “abandoned” to frank and alice, Jael says. Jael is currently the note taker. Language of abandoning syndromes – to freak whims of nature. I let him out here. Oh thank fully. One knows it functions as fiction. Have new custom post proj called AINT….Continue reading

Symptoms of Idiomatic Sublimation –

Actions Lucy Argues with Wally over making up Plays on Symptoms of Idiomatic Sublimation, Heavy Froth, Torch, and Lure for a Cure.  Am ordering books on Stage Managment and and a thesaurus for theatre on Actions. But thoughts themselves come in drunken waves, Mur and Slur, Lucy thinks sure it…Continue reading

Taking Temp (byby baby fat)

Canals for clay, taste baste Writers that create around them circles. They are for me like a ring of fire and stones. Thank you — for fat for rebus!!! And for extending me holme/s multiaxial cone, a Pisa between us, to relapse relieve rethink rezone. laid to waste…? allow plow…Continue reading

The Drain Bandit

Camisole de Force Dribble, these puddles, I see them as puddles, puddles that grow fish, fish become bruised and rapture ruptured — heavenly strained — therebeit granularized, the sky that pie and fry. Weep scorn and sizzle ! When mention becoming human, all suddenly flips, suddenly slips into darkness there…Continue reading

Thirsty Critters

Fashion thing. I must have la belle, beauty. She coexists as a monster of wonder and darkness. Horror tears her apart as a demon with wings. La Belle is a mechanism for creating fundamental relationship with honor and death?  When beauty is lost in the dysentery, beauty hiding out in bottom lands, hell…Continue reading

Throwing the Board

My Turn Guess it was my turn to throw the board. My turn for Fury to erupt. Mantra from The East, repeats and repeats, its nothing its nothing, thats its all in my head – composed to the addle of beautiful minds. I dont think other people accountable, as if…Continue reading

To be and not

A bloom of negative love ?? love destroys me poetry toils and soils one can get lost in waves of destruction as a blessed feat of thwart beauty, angst is a hoarder, in order to have it – at all ?? withhold as a behavior seeking to control it ??…Continue reading

Undead As 4th Gender

Tons of stuff here but its such a mess. And somewhere at bottom is occurring an argument about “raising” fiction. Clarice is arguing with Agnes and Agnes is losing? Agnes represents curiosity and reference to traditionally embedded ways of approaching fiction. Clarice breaks free from that and goes after whats…Continue reading

Up to Nothing and More

Cling of Sling V2 Wretched beautiful waves of enchantment, time and shadows, circling like sparkle fish, provoking change, everything rearranged, like a snap of twig, beautiful, wry, chancy, on the run. Every moment taken and missed, pilfered and deadly? A fairy imp intrigue of slippery synchronicities, raging loopy oppo sits,…Continue reading

Vampire Logic

Best thing about vampire logic — That they share needles? drink blood? that they come alive at night — Forever and ever lurks for blood, that mad desire of the eternal, to bite into neck of life and yet: never die — no, once bit bit for good. Cant help…Continue reading

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