Body of H8 Surface of Love

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From Novella Working on Now


Subliterate Swoons and A Side of Dead

Sample WIP from Novella, am presently working on, called Subliterate Swoons and A Side of Dead. 

Dizzying With No Brakes

LuLu LeSuere. Taunts epiphany with bids for transfiguration.

To pull her out of the carkness of darkness. Gloom exhumes. Darkness shines, becomes visible. Hears itself tearing itself open and unlimiting. 

Shadows pattering bang bang bang against sides. Like naked angels aloft on a fiery dome. Strung out on what gives: love death madness, its sacred bone. And, what else of the pathological grotesque. What horror does to fish. To the falling and the fallen.


Anywhere around Victor de Loveleye. LuLu LeSuere shows up in a basket or a casket. Her head buzzing so loud — time gets caught in a violent swirl of puckery and transgress. Battling the rattling, bodes modes at the crossroads. Of madness, purity and the fallen. 

Madness and desire lurching athwart. Torched and scorched. 

Purity of the fallen. Falling into segues, visions and outbursts, unmasking aberrations of love, banalities of hell. 

What is embodied in the disembodied. Time tittering on the sublime. As spoils divine? 

Dazed and piqued, adventuring a nobility of the lugubrious and turgid ? LuLu’s heart troubled truant transfixed. 

Prong molderings swarm into balloon-flower tenebrisms. Sheer as passion fruit flooding with densities, unsettling seductive layers of pith.

Ledge of Reason

Freedom. As what is but isn’t? An escape hatch batch catch. Rhythms shimmering in the halo hollow wallow from bathos to beauty. 

Sweet sacramental fervors looping through the givens, driving through LuLu’s heart : tender sparks, disquisition. Unruliness.

Doubling troubling into picturesque absurdities that wreak havoc on LuLu’s soul, on her attendance. Truant exigencies in and outside of time pulling at her to go, go now, find him.

Moments unfolding innumerably sheer inside of a single breadth. Driven into a furious curious silence multiplying with beauty and disagreement, fathoming an unmerciful furor of heartbreaking contradictions. Fraught dazzling compulsions.

Reaching for beauty, reaching for death.

Nothing and Everything

Somehow make truce with her devastating subversives ?

Or free free free the blessed cunt in her heart from the wavy in and out of mad desire, giddy with beauty and horror.

LuLu begging the sky for release from : the inane reckless brutal and ludicrous. Arising in her soul, with the treachery of a sleeping giant.

Endeavors of the torulose, swollen and constricted at intervals. Shining pining mining. Buzzing around in her brain. Raiding her heart. 

Engulfing LuLu in a lovesick tenderness for Victor. That tingles with oblique abstrusities, that bleb up with beauty, and glow in the dark. 

Its ardor threading, plodding, through the wank-tank, for holy rapture sinkholes ! edges of meaning, edges of death. Beauty burning for truths that transcend. 

Reach LuLu reach — make a breach for it. 


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Body of H8 Surface of Love

Presence & Madness, Desire & Distance, Alls & Nothings.

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