Splash and Spill of Sacred Moil

adventures in note taking

I got “abandoned” to frank and alice, Jael says. Jael is currently the note taker. Language of abandoning syndromes – to freak whims of nature.

I let him out here. Oh thank fully. One knows it functions as fiction.

Have new custom post proj called AINT. Adventures in Note Taking… starters are not bad, working title From Camus to Zizek – on abject object space as, what else, a dimension of love.

Free style? Could I get away with that. Lester Bangs says maybe.

under the counter

Understand my own fascinations are lark and terror and that I am musing people for beauty and treasure.

No one reads me here. Its dense, and its half finished, its starters everywhere, and all about literature in a way that borders on academic.

And yet, jars are full of bug recipes. Fissures occur as if flying thru density.

Lately obsessed with density, topic stolen from line in Camus. If only would pare down a few and let them go, send them off –

Last few pieces churned up against Lit Crit (philosophy of literature) in a way that was partner. Pretended I had a Mentor for two whole weeks.

woody & flashlight

Andromeda has to force herself out by throwing things.

At some point the big ball in Lost Arc starts to roll and we all fall in. Sooner or later does it with everything. Just that a format creates itself for when it is real, rather than just flashlight and feelies.

Feelies and freindzys are in part God Offal. On purpose. Go off on Lime in the Coconut, Alice in Space, stock uglies. But for me its more about getting in at Kathy Acker, Didion, etc. And Clarice.

Beauty is in this context of itself – range. Thats what Beauty you gave me.

Even my essays lean in toward fiction. Poetry pops out randomly. Catches on sublime hard time and often surprises me. But am really most interested in growing narrative.

field of visions

New character space stole from Camus called density.

Gapes after sounds as ding dong, feather and landmine, I know it can seem like avenging madness in fast early drafts. But Joyce shows up and begins to cluck.

Have girls, he says, feathers will pluck.

Am beginning to capture dialog. Oh the 2-way stuff. Baby loves crackers. Marcel pops in says my descriptions are “lending.”

Opportunistically, diligence to the dead is never overfed –

Juliet: Oh if one would let just let it be all about this, language as aspect of love, that burns like raging for freedom. Clings to shell like a nut.

Belief: at light of day is that movement helps. Cyclops rules are a living hell. But writing was pioneered from scarlet origins.

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