Pastiche vs. Gothic Grotesque


The gothic grotesque grows out of graven images that are aposematic, aposematic is about averting evil (word used for particular animal behavior that seeks to avert “evil” by appearing toxic or dangerous, a predatory appearing motif that is actually protectionary).

Pastiche can be a play on what was once taken as sincerely aposematically implemental with respect to graven images but now also insinuates aspects of comedy, irony, the quixotic, as well as the surreal.

Aposematism (from Ancient GRK ἀπό: away, σῆμα: sign) refers to changing appearance of animal to warn predators its toxic. Warning signals associated with the unprofitability of prey to predators.


Pastiche emerges appropriately out of discovery of the absurd.

Absurd is The Thing according to my reading of Camus that lets human sensitivity intellectually let go of certain religious symbols aposematic sympathy with the real as being actively implemental of a supernatural even divine function.

For instance hell as netherland, as a religious grotesque, a divine encumbrance, serving aposematically in regards to church maligned behavior.

Sorrow, ugliness, hell – as eternal, becomes what? Laced chased graced with jesus merely the convicted mortal whose beauty – as candor as art – still mysteriously embraces us.

Still Very Potent

Gothic grotesque remains in images a rapport with our sensitivities that is pretty highly potent.

Still can twist Jael back into eerie states of sympathy, that are sympathetic with images original magical qualities. Especially when falls into lap like an egg, an egg is an image of qualities that are both delicate and hazardous.

The susceptibility of gothic grotesque aposematic functions is daily pillaged by pastiche, pastiche comically preys on the aversive – That is to say, employs both gothic grotesque and itself as pastiche, simultaneously.

What lies beneath images that are gothic grotesque, is still very seductive. And as aligned with pastiche, can appear deviantly beautiful, inventively bizarre, and bloody, as counterintuitively romantic.

Can also be applied mischievously with ludi-bonding contempt, playful, ornery, combative, even predatory.

(Not the same as throwing the board, which is a quasi comical abruption, and indeed murderous.)

Pastiche – artful, hysterical, arresting, at once potent and impotent.

Images that are gothic grotesque and dualistic with pastiche – indeed still duly bear immediate resemblance to original meaning, and if live deeply, like Jael, in densities thick with meaning, can still bear down on her fallibility with profound and chilling immediacy.

So easily can Jael trip back in, fall back fall back, the image as having a potency that is both transformative and impotent, an odd as to say ridiculously propellant quality – Jael being somewhere underneath it all still something of a bidding pathologically crippled piglet for ironically divine type laughter.

Morose Justice

Thinking to add essay fiction here too –?

So potent can averting evil images make people go freak – that in this country anyway there is an onslaught of mass shooters, taking it out on the ordinary.

Something I now call gun-loving morose justice.

Ordinary can be perceived by “madness” as fundamentally grotesque. Someone going down fighting, with a surreal suicidal urgency, collecting guns to protect their property, and yet its just a self harrowing defiance that grows a fracture with tragic blight.

Appears as a self agonistic sacrifice, of self and however many ordinaries can take with. Notice I did not say innocents. Ordinaries are not innocent, they merely co-exist injudiciously with siren screaming horror as a sin as partaking in inflamation of pastiche, so crow and ludicrous it is loud it is a demise both to and fro justice –

With what bleeds thru the heart as repetitions grotesque reality, hideous seemingly impotent evil, whose devolution into the absurd along with the religious sublime, can tragically disgust – as deeply profoundly terrifying.

Naughty Parker Vehicle

The images are losing me, could definitely say in that way – I am in MANY WAYS (despite whatever I say as a function of earnestness and steadfastness chatter chatter) believe am along with writing again, now changing.

Yesterday dogs of hell unleashed horror here again. All day the screamers arguing – crashed through. A fight was on, about playing with images online.

It was something about “fighting back,” even though I know it’s just shooting rabbits, still it can become an atrocity, which when takes over the visionary, nightmares return.

No, Jael is refusing to fight back! in that way? Hmm. In exchange for being serious?

Enormity of the Pastiche here, fighting it out with the Gothic and with the Grotesque, as a seduction…

Every day a new topic. Its a fine life.

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