Written in a Country Churchyard ✅

Every particular 
case of resistance 
reduced to a computation
very sad at the thought

alternatively give 
a second opportunity 
by change of circumstances 

curse the restless stock 
and cough.

Map the Dryads 
waking among them 

sickening wave
as ripped back the skin 

the proud animal 
was taken out. 

Moonlit road
down the vista
through the skies

down the black canyon 
entrancing hours 
watching the sea till rose. 

Good luck go with you
eternal leave-taking 
rife with serpent-dainties.

Take care, 
find expression 
the morning was in sight.

Down the long hill 
across the road, 
followed them out 

the difference 
quantity of the imposition.

Give it another scrub 
another few drops of blood

the earth breaks up 
the heaven expands 

fluted blue 
and here I stand.


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