10 With Marker Will Blend V1.2

Perpetual blending

open and lit

raises a sharp gate

poisoned and sweet

creates themes

like hot bitter honey

dune with fate 

intruders spark sins

that look past the hidden

reshaping the free

importuners agree.

The body a river 

wherever thought bends

gape mystical moments

saved by “the accent”

a purple raised smell

a galloping wall

a bloody plateau

a hazardous hollow.

Sink think and crow

with each number zero

seed art and cherish

every angel condemned.

Contemplate unspeakable

devoid of construct.

Good monkey

good monkey

outlip the funk.

Stop piling on airborns

swimming like ducks

arc of the ready in beast

be steady

for net as a puck.

Behind fillups victory

always a goal

letters and theatre


worthy graced palmed

and stolen.


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