Verity or Charity ✅

Restless and quitting
at once, at once 

or stay stay play
pylons of metapipelining.

Raise the high finger
to my pies gate 

before drive away.
Foot and tooth 
integration station

with deliriums' reflexes, 
hidden in the finding.

The circle plussed
padded quandary'd

and echolocated. 
Gold is statues 
many heads on the eye liner.

Suffer and squeeze 
precious precious

never looses force
of mull

sweet smell of skull
the pernicious contrary

ailing on the martyrdom 
of my sanity.

Egg beaters thunder
adoration of the plies
and whiteness of your eyes.

Signal transduction pathways --
yes yes this is love?

Jump in sled
the vampire 
cockles red.

Chewy knows what
is not
Adopting methods...
miller and the killer 
rafters and crafters
dead and alive --

is an over reaching companion

Figgy afar
and the angels avid

wings are uneasy things,
the fatal highs
that beauty brings.

Hanging lantern tipped,
veins extracting pulmonary --
the drip.

The sparrow
and the hook

spring constant 
in Newtons

Never shall I 
cure the red and black
of their angelic holes.

Where psychomancy 
ghosts for answers

and charity effunds,
the punch lines.

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