Thermus Aquaticus

Unexpected clouds.  

Hanging on the lane. 

Flies filled my brain.

Ideas screaming.

Became weary of breathing.

Pressed negations regimentals. 

Smelled like angels.

Glistening with misfortune. 

Prisoned, wild souls.

Parading death cries.

Take shelter.

Looking for polygons.

Sparkling like a pen knife.

Wishes diseased ferns.

Enemy print sets.

Scattered and precise,

a violent long horizon.

Premium but narrow.

Delirious hoists.

Stale hardened bucket.

Blood plentiful.

Instruments begging sound.

Devil sadly cornered. What if?

Saber fatigue.


Small trees. 

Atrocious shoes.

Flowing rococo.

Covered smoldering eggs. Bad.


Removed art banners

headdress weaping

trestles and capes.  

Musical curves. Miserable lacquer. 

Bitterness stacked in

good. Evenings livery, marriage.

Whispering temples

learning how to die.

Gleaming monkeys 

where lay canteens.

Dreaming in rows

foolish blows. 

Affection stretched

and throwing skulls.

Triggers raised, to a shine.

Coughing up countries.

Bridging a massacre. 

Shouting, whispering

snatching glimpses, a breadth

of hope?

Convulsion or compulsion

its fist, old victory

made clear. As gold.

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  2. Howdy, organically and safely, using whitehat methods. Regards.

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