The balm in betweens

Am still working on. V3.

Soft is deepness, the thousand wells. Innumerable.

Happy island bunch in the flesh of you is beauty’s

pan handling

handles on it.

Parks for gold the staggering camp.

Not to bee, oh its you again —

at the underground of sound —

where raptors fly,

their impossible plumes.

Smig is an outfitting clown

for juice

smells the brandishing

sin of finn

and the low flaming fruit.

But its up a blank wall

where fell the boot

with hungers that squander

and heels that resurrect —

Set off again are they?

for a nightmare

of pleasure and monstrousness ?

Wanton instincts ?

the colors of birds

honey buzzard

and the cattle egret —

Circe was born

where sun and ocean met.

And watch over the waters

circle and wait,

their seagulls convulsing

with hungry affection.

A voluptuous agitation

to persuade animation

to animate persuasion —

shit, stir and defend.

How Nobel invented dynamite —

by loading holes

full of porous siliceous

earth called guhr,

as did absorb large quantities nitro:

Nobel Dynamite #1

the finding

the blinding

expressive one you know my. 

Weapons of ?

Mastered over by ?

big erasure in the sky ?

The mud pack

catcher in the compact,

there is no banning them here. 

Cups tremble.

Nor violent splendor

of tree caterpillars

nor Sweeny’s cenobites’

riots of light.

On top of fatigue.

Elixir pie cutter six —

The Prohibition?

Elegance screeching

ladder work

that forbids all ?

Nerves rays tortures talismans

wool and alp both —

welcomes the stolen.

The Disappeared

at nose tattoo

in whorehouse

where sudden beauty and cruelty flash

lightning hits the rim.

Waves screaming.

Hands in wineskins.

Whiteness square board

reflects all —

exchanges at edges

with darkness.

Of gloat and glow

of hinter and splint,

the hellbound winter

and fire in flint.

The always ending.

Isolde retreats. Side by side,

faithful just trust

have the shock open on.

Is Lana dark worth its silt ?

sandhill bobolinks — coyote guilt ?

Scars too can map a smile

bring out its fragrance

tearing up the Nile.

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