Terminal Determinator


Being —


Now Considered 
disabled /? That part 

in screenplay, that starts
with a pan in -

Girl watching 
while reading

with sound off 
& captions turned on

something always something
"classical" Spanish. 

Referring to that period
Holy Toledo

everywhere anywhere
bombs went off. 

Still struggling

dead on the beaches
crying leeches,

going postal 
and what that bought.

working Triangle

The Brown Building
designing up up uptempo up

Smiley sources Merlin
defies reifies 

likes their memberships 

halt to the hilt
& sink - for sketches in ink?

Processes for acquiring
grant for printing / publishing —

slowly, slowly
the blood turns

Niagara Falls - Pink.
Bad to the bone?

Raise a flask
to guns of Naverone  —

Flies in ointment
gurgitate, slink

torrids nulla-nulla
and whinnies comb the links.

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