Sweetie ✅

Sweetie driven 

torment bound
to Insect Wheel.

Coffin Fly that lays

as visions
mount and fuck

terrors tightening,
heap corrupt!

Profound & deadly
violent dismay.

Kill it off.
Kill it off.
Oh, make it stay.

where terrors subsume

a carthorse
of raging sin -

Love, fret and staunch,
the countless taunts

what so costly
raises the skin!

Not go in peace -
where vision boards

as dawn still hawks
where reaper stalks

dares serpent-volant
to waltz back in -

sly of boot
and hopeless grin.

This willful brush
that circles like flies,

impotent restless
geysers in disguise ?

Buggy muggy, mazed maudlin
the shaken & stirred -

Not kick over
the vortex?

not swallow
the bird -

Sweetie change

kiss the tire
let it fill up.

What pours and soars
as it rains,

waters the flower
dangling by the hour...

And praises the kick
that made it stick.

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