Heart awakens

ancient impatient

ransoms of desire.

And the sorrows

that ply for it

haunt it, yearn it.

Burn baby baby,

rue and cry.

Wryness aroused

by stunts and anguish

how they languish.

Alights a slippery scarefire.

Love can be a breathtaking breach.

An afterbirth,

that bubbles and shrieks.

Desires growing more and more

obscene with pain.

Unruly raptures.

Impenetrable treachery.

Dancing with mayhem.

Loves quixotic heresies.

Luminous urgent fatal

shocking harebrained betrayals

try try try

cry cry cry.

How atone

for wanting your bone.

Oh for the hell

where it fell.

Troubles hard to repent.

The boundless dissonance.

Sweet terrible riots

of epic innocence.

Unraveling with heroic descent.

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5 responses to “Sweet Heresies of Love 🧤”

  1. you’ve captured it

  2. Joni Paris


  3. Layne Waldo


  4. Emerson Blythe

    endless forever

  5. Mack McClean


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