Restless and quitting,

at once play front

sweetners of cenobite

pylons oleanders.

Raise the high finger

a tone even waves

the worsted wool of piegate fly

and drive away.

Foot and tooth where buds

deliriums reflex hidden finding

the circle where plussed

and deuced. 

Gold is head on with eye liner.

Suffer and squeeze the Marcel breeze

precious never ends

never. Comparison is NO LONGER

that Martyrdom of

camisole de force.

Wonder plunder egg beaters thunder

adoration and whiteness of eyes.

Twelve fatted

unattended unended

to one with the runs. 

Screams “red”

to signal transduction pathway

yes yes this too, is love.

Lager to Ed,

the vampire sled.

Chewy knows whats


Whats silent lifting

whats dangerous bee.

What do you see here?

Slight in flight

rushing exalted fatigued.

Yeah. K say way. Intoxicating you suddenly.

Its not suddenly its

adopted methods, its

grafted off miller “the killer” spiller

crofts and crafters

dead or alive,

basing on the led.

Beams wrists all blessed creatures

the half stone chest

the fill that is will. 


the blessed companion


all about eve.

Landing is welcome

Footprint beautys distance

fat far

angels avid

wings high fatal beauty brings.

Uneasy things.

Welcome to camp

love in — breathe that.

Not dismaying.

Denies no kidneys nor talls ship

wary lantern tipped

Becketts calls “the drip.”

Copy that.

Veins desipient pulminary

alloy alloy

the sparrow

hawk and hooks law

spring constant in Newtons.

nile blue ring. 

Legs elephantine

never immune

to lazy noircir

angelic holes

for solemn moles

where dreams love holds

a grecian urn.

Newfound land

grew pomegranates

blessed assist.

To come back

and be put slowly

and now no more —

jest, merely this.


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