1. Masked gunman shoots mom dad sister, 6 year old plays dad. Then calls granny on FaceTime. Tells granny the all dead. she was shot in arm. 1 year old brother as “spared.” Gunman mowed down family. No sign of a break in. No idea why.
  2. A ‘hero’ bystander took down a gunman who killed a cop. Then an officer shot him by mistake, police say.
  3. In the last 72 hours..
  4. shot and killed a man at a traffic stop. Officer Raymond Tensing pulled over Samuel DuBose, 43, for not having a front license plate in 2015. Shot DuBose in the head, alleging he tried to drive away. 
  5. Judge Banned Cop From Owning Guns. He Secretly Bought 34, FBI Says.

Every new death carries

another exoskeleton on our backs

as flies the buzzards

adorned with screeds

circling circling

where love lies bleeding.

Guns blanketing fire

with a buyers mad greed

run run for your life

die for your country

sweet chicken feed!

Brochures of bullets

raving for grace

merry, a poster

of this obscene race

ban the 2nd –

with John Browns face!

My country my country

is a slave to blood

sweet reigns of caskets

draped in horrors of love

wrapped in pride for the dead

guns saved us from tyranny

with this freedom we bled.

Proof of your ardor

horde tight to your guns!

romancing the hunger games

what have we won?

tears for this honor

tears we all share!

weep for tomorrow

no nothing f$cking compares.


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