shaking out the shine?

Fingers tingling at never endings, eating it up.

Trying so hard to get to land but that land is “just doing it” with support. 

It feeds a restless wonder. For a while. While while while. It’s a wild project. 

Hanging on for long as can to get books out. Make it work make it work. Write write write. 


until you hear something. Its incendiary. Heave ho, 

Quiet and draw am drawing scratchy and puddling florals awful on purpose subversive awful — go for it screams girl in roller skates. 

Go for it screaming I am drawing, everything is great, am going after this thing. It’s shocking to me. 

Can only do own way. Subversively quiet kind of hog bog gob writer working in string theory. Subversive is new catch golden phrase.

Many rounds with me freaked out and then calmed down and play, play up against rioting metaphor

Looking for joy, shine steals, I freak out again. 

But it is searching for joy and laughter –

amid a barrage of wild thing death masks – whose murder habits are very hard to read at moment of capture, 

I want to stop that.

Levy bevy in cuts and candor of a funny violent beckett bathed cartoon. I mean a cartoon that incorporates its own violence yet loves underneath it all believes as deeply as delusions scream that all/not-all is searching through things, that is and not is,

a clown, my clown, any clown sub vitriolically platitudinizing.

Ferocious riot gear battling butterflies and bombycids, silk making moths bad, very bad partake, that partake of it.

What to do with horror whose entrails are subversive, and death piles up at every corner like years of living magically tossed cake. Follow map, the map the book, and order tall drinks. Breathe breathe new radical life – back back before when intuit

when first the salamander busts loose a caboose

in present tense – remember present tense.

Its firings aft to see through the jarring marplod thickness calling falling, see thru see thru

to hear sense of ear, silent roving gears, absurd fears that potion paints where Shine nears

sets the pile free to seers wicked wonder wall as proligerous subligation of fate, that winged dome-warped saboteur, a ministry of weights.

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