Seeing Pink 🥃

Over, get over it,

be over the thing?

The transits

the transports



fleeing refutes


for freedoms. 



the threader

thrives on extensions

flutter and crust.

Raise raise

the protracted eye

raid the holy margins,


with mistrust,

lame disgust —

What parries

for a brain 

to scatter the pain

vengeance is not clear.

A glutinous venom. 

A fatal obstruent.

The future is arbitrary. 

Fruit fruit of the illume. 

Pettiness of the tomb 

a surrogate womb.

Claw back

force and error

caught in face

of charging terror.

Sniff out a well

to wash out its beauty

as a sacred bedwetter —

Sweetness bites back

of pearl ash

and clootie.

Night falls

carrying flame

to chariot.

Chassepots of passion,

mortar of shame

holy misfit assassins?

Whats to blame.

Counterpane of punt

sea-sawing for expiation

of a trivialized tenderness

pants for consecration —

rio grand mud.

How precious flaunts

haunts, wades around

in its immaculate blood.

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