This Schwinn For Hire V3

Third rewrite. Getting there.

Intent content 
dis placement 

mis step
into the in definite 

echoing echoing 
murmurs bribes 

something opaque 
cosmic belt 

of shadowing allegory
fizz whizz 

into a bottle battle
of enumerating marvels.
Mystery of love 
because of the because
time out of time.
Sweet and sordid
haughty gaudy florid

shields catch weight 
shape of thought

ammunition factory phantoms 
taking off 
mutiny on the Dante.
Filippo Bruno serpents crawl
came the breathless night.

Avenging angels 
irritating horror

identify yourself identify 
label and transcribe. 

Ready to ride 
spread the alarm
like ossicles
chained to benches.

fall into mercy

the vessel
the sailmaker 
virile garb.

Passing whimsical 
a thousand thousand shapes


Hurry away 
dervish anoints the right eye 

each morning the task
standing with noble emotion.
The blistering thwarted 
should apply

vegetate the mitigate 
with holy animals.

Every soul afflicted 
with a hole of ten kinds. 

as the clouds of dawn

doctrine of circles 
taint of infernal flowers 

bears it 
until breakfast-time.


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