Ransacking Humptiness 🧤

Running for A Life
ransacking love and death 

sweetness and throws
as an emptiness 
of warring consequence,

Sang beauty's 
miraculust tantrums

that a heart 
that dissipates 

accumulates buck and wing
fecking tireless 
are the detonated

Fearless skies 
along with the terror-ridden

dormants are asides
fired up with pride

pride is a rush of anguish.

Heaps of rills 
on what kills

my murderers
fastened and furtive 
quests for nests?

seductive as that place
between god and siren

Calling for love
to be born again,

in moments of darkness 
spuriously unhinged from reality

copious mobius
upped the count

resurrectional vanity

Divellicated lemmings
my precious infectious

holy space
out there
my machinator, 
duty looty 

missy pissy 
and confutey

pestering and scout
soot by chimney

full of smoke
and snout about it

verging with violets
fettle and dope
scamps rue for scope.

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