Patches or Matches

Letting loops fly 
flame through

all posey rose-y
pants on fire.

While St. Brigid
goes through year
of clean water. 

Sobriquets agnominate,
up raise you

break out
break out

of the great
swamp dismal?

Back to solid ground.
Pound. Pound. Pound.

They see hog
and baby ugly sounds.

I see Pound's
freak repeating hymnals.

Where threads
find chutes

weaves hurl
opaquely through

a buzzing fluttery mist
le dommage is brisk.

Confuses remarkably
with pirates greed.

Huff and puff
falls off the horse bean

cuts across where
angles in at rutts

blood grows thin
fills up with wind.

What not to do
what not to do!

Yet to head long
as hem and hue -

even fall
even fall!
the big empty.

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