Möbius Morbid Muff and Stuff

Love rages trying to get out.

Cant. Cant get out.

Batters ram ram ram ram

as walls come closing in cloaked

in arrays’ abduction and dismays.

Love burns my heart

into a rigid block

of chisel and cunt hammer hidrosis

bristle brush hosepipe.

The gall and glory of its nail

sail and quail for tail

again and again

there’s that risk

the ovenbird will nightjar

the bustard will postpone

withhold defer extend get thrown.

Samurai samurai!

For your absence

and desire not a prince of peace

but cradled in lengths exceeding the distance.

Religious in its flapdragon

chimneys to swallow.

The heart is a magic heater

soaked in dipstick

and funnel and bunker and bribe.

Vestals perched at every hell, a ring

and the morbidescent flora loosens that pin

to candle and cypher and holy croak.

The undead charge ahead

shimmering inky and red

Zero de Nero fishing with riddles

raveling pillaging

cuts me right up the middle.

Marriage to the fiddle

and held for sin ?

barrels bargains

pessary and curettage,

seal to my coffee

engouled in the tin.

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