08 Married to Shelley

Declares time a Lazarus

forlorn over sky

oceanic and nigh.

Woof wanton and fly.

Do you till you die.

Puzzles busted

into sordid pieces

gushing flushing

touching rope.

Garde à l’eau

watch out below.

Everything rattles

from fingers and tips

every tremor battles

the dustheap and grift.

Every skim and scorn adorns

the drop and pop

the caliginous push broom

that polishes her off.

Mystery’s fevers

adoring over every edge

for a raised

ledge to orbit the fire

the thirsty this dirty.

Taunt haunt

wad and wordy

and holds up the fence

and pulls up the wire.

Coil for oil

that lit the dark

and made me bark

a running shell

from hope to hell.

The appetite

compunctions unctuous

endless rocketing wends

the torrid and the morbid

courting the heavens

every one of them.

Affinity sits on the worm. 

Flows and blows

through mysterious chokeholds

where burns white

the seven die, and the heroic foot.

Flashes to ashes

repeating boronic

lovely stashes

block and standpipe.

Fractions of febrifuge

written in blood

madness by its conditions

by its additions

ancient billowing — shirt.

Saddled with lips

pictures of horror.

All and none

the ocean burst

pins a heart

to every nurse.

And digs for gold

in pockets of dead.

And parks and holds

e’er cuts unfold

sugar and lead.

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