Leaves Open to Question

Written in response to Vampire Poem by Charles Baudelaire, & Suzy Cave’s Vampire’s Wife: Stuff.


Am I Vampire. 
Or Vampire's Closet

with a drawer
for every blood type.

Am I Vampire Char
head covered with ashes

scaling the chimney
in lutestring --

Or undersea Pirate.
Or frown-defaced

in oversized bib
and ripe nanny

Or chuckles the pig
up on 2-legs
and mechanized bike

get it on get it on
go round go round

mygodwhocares counting laps
now -- fight-for-it!

Or is it Marie

dressed in habits
black or white.

And there's a murder
in the mirror
using bungee and a kite.

That comes and goes
like bugs at night
for symbiotic prey.

Or befiddled with transfused
at birdseye views
for mistery and sanguisuge

lept out! swept out!
stole away --

Bitten into --
a portal vein!

bloody lovelies vigils
crimes of rue.

Or struck by lighting
manicked and
lagging a screw --

Chancy bouncy
brook and chain

rocked by cradle
intermittently -- beyond sane.

Mazy raving
reckless sublime

wrestles with misery --
demons redemptive
sacrificial sympatico

fainty deliquium
"at 6s and 9s."

Breaks and
breaks where windfalls
dew --

entails caught up
by facultative
sub indications

every time
one comes thru.

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