15 Eau de Perfum

Quicken the associative

inflames my frantic bright.

Heavy disturbs the monastery.

A need for the reflection,

touched. Dreams the sudden perpetuated


Enlightens where

the seeking mate bait fate

sponges up

will fills the lake

for words like burrs

that stick

to fondling embassy.

Arches walking the power of knees

a lover of trees.

Good good red settler sit sit.

The wag dog way.

Did hurly early

discovered sculpted. Dog wag prey.

I me mine tutoyer.

Desert master

let the pious advance

shake you open. Set a side.

The infinite no.

A glorious greetings

the refugee drawn

points a new sail

inside the dawn,

a hold holding me to it.

Hard faith

suffers blessed corpses

migrants carrying

pillows running from ruin,

up the mount, dizzying naked

raised on knees


where sucks the powerful

beat red sublime.

Makes enemy shapes

equal to the obstinate,

flickering eyelash

where touches prey.

Cries the renewing falls

a thousand

never forever


A season lost?

Splendors breathless

turquiose costs.

Immediacy saw you, saw the perplexed wing

spilling nilling

perishing for precision, drilling.

To free the abandoned

hovering for answers

obey the mineral

have faith among the edges

where lowers living

let it sink.

Sand knows stone

high by tide

appears a violaceous scar

where joy set fire to the straw,

extracted amber

to temporise the jaw.

Watching waiting a circumjovial moon.

Guarding the base notes, beyond immune.


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