Pulley is rhyme

that accretes like slough

carries me off

toes sunk in at edge

where sand makes mud

and up, it comes

the plank piratical

up to nose and noose

lusts for breaking things

battered and loose.

The hidebound

holy wounded

ancient hinge —

dead ends in stacks and stacks

del sagrado corozon 

horror and stern

like an iron mask.

Morning light

releases a refugee

blows like a fire eater

into the overbright.

Hostages provocateur

infiltrate, as incoming

treachur-ly empaths

stalk the undone.

As madness

and money dread

graces killing the sun.

Yet scruples extol,

like chess-with-death, flower

bandy and bounty

bad birds bright into bed

where near misses (like kisses)

ring out the undead.


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