Byrons lemming stops at brink to have a think ✅

Byrons lemming twitches

with horror & glee,

love & death

fetches bewitches

Extracts acuteness

from desire

in perpetual industry.

Cuts open my throat

to feed its hungry fishes,

biting biting.

Wage rage

get out of my cage

terse and estranged

buffering suffering

Splitting pitting

to let it out

voice & scream

of a wild & frantic fatalism.

& perfume the gloom

sorrow & nil

raiding the kill.

A rainbow of wound

clinging to sighs

enflames my soul

With fatal allures,

& drunk with fury

melds into sorrow.

Learn to make use of ?

let rise

to an everlasting last breadth –

Burning yearning

hocus focus

a dizzying backslide

(again & again).

Shimmering shadowy resilience

divine mortification

tears-lust-pride –

Monstrous & prickly-sweet,

the rakish toll

a battle surfeit.

Liquidus & the sharp-eyed

arrive alongside

to scatter sweet hell

Rigidity and the rack ?

comes with flurries of flak –

eternalizing where I fell.

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