A Chase of Bonking Lights 🧤

Sunshine awoke,
the tanning dept.

Its surrender surrounded
by a chase of bonking lights.

An antenna tower
could be seen out back,
where angels hover.

Wide as hell
for freezing over?

Far and tethered
to the sun

and the moon
and the freezing rain.

Gathering wood 
turned holy battle

fly and ship
island, wreck.

Lures, furrowing burros
ate the wildflowers.

Watered by snowmelt
what comes back to life.

Death Valley
waves to amber cosmos

rose arose
like cubes to function

jello yellow
heaves of halo

hood and darkness
thirsty are the parched.

Parks carved in fifty heads
snakes biting their time

never tested so sodden
and the misbegotten.

Royal boil foil toil
shake the spear
gotten, rotten.

Spread the cries
yummy cummy
sum of pies.

What hues
imbues with spew and chuck

and never forgotten
comes from cotton.

Of bolls that burst
and dry 

white red and dead
exposed to sun 

seeds crossbred.
Tinfoil the moil
toil and oil.

Rhyme sits
on leg of tongue

rocks in trees
back and forth 

for heel and wedge 
of plum.

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