Posted for towing
best to keep things going
take it in and let it swim 

wade through traps, 
opening and closing,
cause and night 

where lonely 
and the misdirections
put up a fight 

in points at depths.
Smitten, accidentally knock 
over a corpse

find its head glowing -
glowing at its wake
a vasty scopious
full of give and take.

In grave, 
the gravid pavid
lavish lies
where flung over wall 

kit or kin 
out beyond the duty
of sacrifice and sin,
where innocence is led in.

Excluding space 
in middle for gravity!?
truth flashing
in fugitive minds 

oh - cruel wealth of scale 
and murderous detail,
laboratory of spins
scavenger of my destitute sins --

Lack neither dew nor air
speak lovingly 
of flights 
at noble heights

tears that exult
in gaps 
and gasps 
of sweet tumult.
Breathless plies 
dropped into mailboxes,
facets craning
prophecies waning 

bereft of you.
Priedieu, a lu
priedieu, a lu.

hidden in breed,
acknowledges beauty
performs a need

sly rig, awakens
to remains of day
to weather it out
and slip away.

Go dark go stark
as hoes a mystic
in the shark

angling abstractions 
as traction 
as bait
alert to its tethers

at feathers edge
circling higher
across stitched plains 
wings aflow

dive down 
clasp a wire 
in talons of toe -

Carnage and flinthead
rushlight and flowerpot,
wrought in a patch 
of lovely crow.

Reptilian brain
grasps onto love 
for flyrod of lamp

sees shot of grace 
in its frisky scamp
in its lucific slideshow,

gloms on 
to its freedoms
buoy tender
and tow. 


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