Basing on Blake ✅

Quench quench wanhopes ?
oh holy light –

possessed of day
where spirits stray

cannot in itself
destroy or complete

near shades of extortion
where sorrows meet.

Timeless rallies
buck & ween -

cavort with terror
like an arsenal - for freedom?

Old weapons reload
propriate oceans of sky

the waterwheel flows -
swoons, burbles - outrides!

make mudhole,

sudden game ball
bounds out –

Treason whorls
& rejolts

turns a bulls-eye
stark raving wild.

Beauty scurrying
from the mayhem

lies delinquent, in wait –
for deceits

ripping thunderbolts
to spasmodically dissipate.

As sorrow aches
to trust -

and anguish turns
to lust.

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  1. AdelaideR

    I like this website it’s a master piece!

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