GM loves GP

Yearner madness 
basing for stunts

hunts like a punter
bunt bunt bunt!

Rather moonling than dead,
haul raven off 

to face insane dread.
Aching void Flos Campi
bang bang, molts
windy wicked lavish jolts.

Gods of Nih -
survey every slice.

Call bounder off 
to substitutionary sacrifice.

Willing victim partakes 
religiously in own grief.

Feast of the innocents
a bonnie bred fleece. 

For lorn, for lorn
the flute is porn!

Raised by scorn,
a god-fearing wet nurse. 

Whiff of the drawbridge 
a Wowser's curse.

Praying mourns the fate
of vertiginous desire.

Madness heckling laughs
and laughs

morose and feint

Blowing smoke,

transanimates the ruins.
Suggestibility impends,

a fisheye lens.
Every countertransferance

bends, bends to the boon.
As Wiley lip-smacking

plummets again!
File, lever & spoon.

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