Absence without Leave 🥃

Do beget, 


Salty laud the viscera 

molder at the palmy.

Let weightless madness

flow a fain

alongside the pervert



Unabashed airbladder. Stroppy

persona is homeless,

persona it is is is not

its not


Tires get thrown.

Swing and balk

mighty car and tit

my mouse, Sprituals.

YES. Mercer

eyes, for and give

love and hole. And farmyard


for all its locust focus

and in stall of writing

piggy and rigged.

Had to bate

the great rerversal

from its sorry

brandishing pole.

Fem in is an allowance

room broom zoom for dynamo



shakespears weanlings

for gusto

invis aligns adverbial.

And silence,

where hear the steers

as cowboys lot.

Mansions of masons

Emily’s Wacoms

logic misty

muskette ears.

Every variety releases time

from its war.

Glasses, to the saloon.

Bring a book.

Let me be of that herbal variety.

Enzyme and all.

Impart shall


asphalt standing

before the capture,

of what.

Smile not a ghost. Agreement.

With the toast.

Razors edges putting rutting gutting

value able pro stray stun run spun. Lines the fig

Mary & Frank

with whopper wool

and warming wig

hello up. Obligation is bladder.

Beg off, Crete.

Orchestral on the spate

bear a sleeve.

Absence without leave.

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