18 Repeat Answer

Love tired lost found 

adders batters


Down the

dumdum down.

Lunatic moments

dance music

wealthy healthy?

to dance 

for the love of

She Tor Song.

Kiss out

all the evil 

skinny and scorn.

As a vanishing, 


with its death traps.

Kindness findness

doe ray 

Tea. Becomes in the nicest families 


guest of faith

caught by neck

where needed,

where never heeded —

fraught spiky 

mournful violent gaze.


moody moldy 

righteous terrified 

boisterous rot.

Magic mountain impaled.

Deafening falls, deep

gluck gluck gluck. Cluck.


the twine 

the spine

bib lick all.

Reading pants

arrested by the real

the boisterous

and concealed.

The welding table. 

The mirror in the shower.

The metal blue fence. 

Swift beautiful scratches 

that weave taboo 

tattoos fond, wavy levy 

raves of flumen rumens. 

Cold case property

of dancing sticks 

holding up

this slop

more than jealous wired up.

The restless valley

scales sorrow 

feather and coffee

clean smelling flue —

Hides the dead?

Wakes the fed?

What beauty got itself up to —


to be tender 

sniffs and studies the fragrant

raining in 

millwheel and fetch

delicate delicate

out of depths.

Wood chips, 

barbers, felt hats 

from the war. 

Sneaking up next to it, 

where wars blew out

and the long fell in 

for more, got more, had more. 

Eating hand 

on the delicate felt

the contrary

and the desolate 

all sorts lay between a blow.

The drunk get rattled, are

pious large goods. A ribbon

around a tree. 

Joys’ deploying

toe tag jokes.

A dark red treasure

hiding clean

the crockery 

full of toil.

And scars half open

under the tongue


leaking oil.

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