Fill Quill, Tendance et Volonté


Sent z nys res its a slirpy scan in perpetua shop talk mostly anecdotal — spinning rhyme and let in some fern — Gotta track down specific perps to send to —

I know stuck with merica drum syv way — paris review for begot ? and new yorker for churchyard ?? K ole?! and something rotton in denmark but not witjout humor to sweenies — 

firsts mostly always get rejected — but o will have a rep — my writing is scavanger eerily trying to be a marksman — hungering for meta fiction 

Can get names of people in journals too for k — from a lit about emailer — thats a days work — choose which peevies to send out — thats the hrd  part — dark and tremblies call them — tons of those poems worthevery pop eyeon 

Say embodied in trad super stitches with mephisto meta petta — the plus age — walt calories disney and whitman —  let it go fat — let it be a fail pail sail scale hail bail rail — the Deck laration of let hers — word let : is in every poem its biblical at its bot — are dyniseannismatic mourners treading ice — with one liners also — bah humm bug — as flip ops jaw

godown moses — as fly fly the shake up poes in ruins bruins festoons magic into killer taboo babu breaking apart into rhyme ohhhhh and wracks the liver — sell as becktovamn Winnie pissibly mad hat franc out of airland

the ater truing to find a little shoptalk — spidergirl and hypo fizz liz meta branch for brunch shuffling rapier tapier paper fizz piss crass lass munster milly in echo wind for “good vibrations” angelicpalmysix tea and let it spread sayyes this time pen elopee says i wont pull the ball — Reckoning beckoning with its disaster as a churn of fern and bristling wayway dewydurns 

Begot is gracy — meandering plugg sug 🔌  with fithy play the go go buy buy bibu lulu soft shoe comeback id — cummm bya — timer comes out of the green machine — u see jj caught me taught me how to lilt and sparky lit it kit it

I am a hole in pin wall — and frosty the meta fern etc -/ sillines at times apalls — fauk ner says liv it in i listen toim red rover red rover is an instrumental ? Yes.  Looked at with a measure of resist resist tense due to lucy ball snatcher?! Who we as vous nono despise utterly!!

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