On a night train to see Cal/Body H8

Haute le Couer thinking of Victor de Loveleye. On a night train to see Cal in Tennessee. Falls into beautiful treachery whose desires outrange the purposes of existence.

Dire flood of beauty and transgression like swallowing a heart & sword & lust of allah of jesus – angels are threats angel of Victor de Loveleye’s regrets makes relish for a sanctuary of bunny and blood. Victor wont be in Tennessee with Cal she thinks not she thinks.

Smelling fumes of his beauty is a fury with a feather in its lap. Swearing musty fears the great night oaths of secret hopes as against a baldric sewn with jewels of turquoise and bullets of gold like sky itself pitted on black.

A mad crashing lazy vision enchants before a fiery ring drones about moans about ancient torments of roses riddled taunt & sweep leaps in her heart –baseless?

and shrill for its torment has urgency –

Hills dark hills outside flat hard and flat black, rolling rolling train defies road plague of hunger signs, restaurant signs for your dollars mined with the mechanics of money she hates money hates money hates it! burns! the tears of every angel that did not suffer did not heed.

Coyote in love will always fail. Get eaten by its own tail.

Love and money teeter toss it out at all costs, horror horror numinous brews flaming sacred luminous out in the loneliness of dreams where heavens silence screams and love fucks loss until its dead until its dead.

Victor de Loveleye is a parrot suddenly blue and purple red-necked and glorious green naked needless to say needless to say scorns her hunger a lovely day for a heart of brute and stolen menaces, why does it burn like a magic fuse so drizzle & hard up against Haute’s floating island floating tomb  –

A swollen pirate’s fight pack arm falls tattoo raven and haughty and cruel for a burning cheek to sweeten its demur, stolen lonely broken/unbroken broken/unbroken and driven to the wilderness – to do something awoken bold forlorn strident harrowing sullen fatal mischievous.


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