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Love Songs for Lobsters


Excerpt from

Delusional Variations in Excremental Splendor


Excerpt from

chalk sketch by dusty hope

Have Many Works in Progress

Fateless Rhymes of a Lugubrious Sing Song Hysteric

10000 Dead Pie

Cutters Must

Love Songs for Lobsters

Body of H8 Surface of Love

Bunch of Short Stories Working On

Subliterate Swoons and a Side of Dead

Modern Novella Writing on Substack

Letters to Epididymus

Thoughts on Mettafizzics and the Sublime

Pissing Rain in Spain

Delusional Variations in Excremental Splendor

Emo of Insta

Writing About Writing

Raw Translation

Laure’s History of a Girl

Ogla Plumacher’s Pessimissmus

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