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A Perfusion of Marys


For once

play front

sweetners pylons oleanders.

Raise the high finger


of evenness,

wave, make waves

let piegate fly

go for a drive.

Deliriums bud

hidden finding circles

where plusses

and deuces

cruces and truces.

Buffer and squeeze

the Marcel breeze

precious for it

never ends, never.

Wonder plunder

egg beaters thunder

whiteness of eyes.

Twelve fatted

unattended unended

to one

with the runs. 

Screaming “red”

transduction and pathway

yes it is love.

From lager to lead

the vampire sled.

What do you see

rushing toward

the exalted

deliriously fatigued.

The fill that is will. 


its blessed companion.

Beautys distance

fat and far

with angels pathic

wings sounding high

what beauty brings.

Such uneasy things.

Symptoms calls “the drip.”

Veins desipient

pulminary ships alloy ahoy

spring constant.

Never immune.

The pull

between angelic poles

where dreams love holds

is a grecian urn

its jest,

merely this.

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