Tantalizing the absurd

Dismissing what pines for beauty,

as pigs squealing as hang dying

ends up

flirting with the murderously liquifying

out in loan zone

of calumny

and contempt, after terror hypnotized me

transforms into crashes and dashes

head laying on sink spinning,

courage rescaling your walls

learned however burned

with lies or tries

the fragility of my fleeing

to mercy despite its longing to be free

was a fugitive, a graveyard digger

a perversion of the ecstatic mind

pining for resilience.

Cherish that?

T0 Draw

and draw what you want

as you find it

You gotta draw everYday.

model with skirt

Writing is always in search
of its own reason to exist
persist enlist…

Drawing occurs for me as a tenderness – for form + line

That I just can’t resist.

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