Vampire Logic

Best thing about vampire logic — That they share needles? drink blood? that they come alive at night —

Forever and ever lurks for blood, that mad desire of the eternal, to bite into neck of life and yet: never die — no, once bit bit for good.

Cant help but love other vampires for the articulation and beautification of human weaknesses. Vampire is a treasury of our most harrowing love for something — with a side of death —

Violets vampire rages forced me off into affliger cachette — affected regions — taste of blood in mouth of dragon slayer is sacred and prohibited, which was bataille’s point of view.

Vampires love beyond measurable — hitting beyond limits of reason — for burst and burden of freedom.

T V — true vampires have to know this — or else.

Its monstrosities break out — with a blast of love — risk of daylight raises everything to hearts at stake — everything quakes.

Vampires chance everything for beauty, naughty, precious — burden of freedom is its value!

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