Taking Temp (byby baby fat)

Canals for clay, taste baste

Writers that create around them circles. They are for me like a ring of fire and stones. Thank you — for fat for rebus!!! And for extending me holme/s multiaxial cone, a Pisa between us, to relapse relieve rethink rezone.

laid to waste…?

allow plow cow —

as jilt of joy

pounding sounding

exporting rack

to magic hills.

Fills wells while fair isle


is monstrous charge in its

fatal things.

Simplicity booms

like slits

through the deficit.

Distances create scarce

held as wounded.


wreck drek heart streams with

devour to empower

old as beggars

in hell.

Moving aids holiday carriers incinerated factors

stitched in time to fall

as caw caw calls

a white knife installs —

bed wetting on yellow pad.

The pay for excessive cavity

where preying wheel knocks

and fall is a high sly haul

of squall where silence inebriates

the darker dwellings scarlet spool

where anger devours the mourning stool.

And shocks the staff

and takes in smoke

chest gas sea tigers kintyas

metal work pumps tin

tunnels of tin.

Dear cochin

poison lamamine bankrupt

stones outweighs

clumps of plotter dotter money blotter.

Gum tree thousand

pigs for pips.

Wild pile dry fall

low eye.

Tax mountain swamps

for gas baking tons of thinking broke.

Juice costs —

merdre pour le vent, dit Kelly

regard complice,

working for the Tailors

washing and cutting. Tailor big


from champing for bailor.

Sembilanna mining work after se hisser.

Admit its grace and firewood.

Admit loco mobile

hockey and railings.

Can see red and blue

v for velvet

caoutchouc caoutchouc,

thick of fat

the steal and vat,

ardors now

and then

when gloom over transports.

Distance fasted eye ore and


Crack unpacking

into flush and gush of bang and wild

forever taking balance for

temperature. Pit eye

for Netty it.

Heart is root of flute —

Fire in living room. Never putout.

Screamers shouted traitors. Bet?

nyet — not

rotting yoked

to ancient ditches digs

choked and bogged

a suicide eye Ophelia pie

shaking with glitter

deadums and skitters.

Pan for shale,

aplomb bombs

strains against quiver

river, bee, balm.

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