Orbits Gum

Go looking for it. Orbits. Trenches devour the holy with mm, goal foal stole roll hole mole change out squill fill hill bill chill always until.

Its planted in a garden of symp toe Matt holy toss before hearth of cramp damp amp hamp lamp.

Rhymin roots through me. Nothing can collect but collage of its freedoms? Burden. Bees are burden of succulent tomb mending pending sending defending up up up the pipe to freedom.

Its froggy mug lug tug rug. And out for sauce. The trunk. 

Miss uses

Spoon and dunk. Drinks revisit it with some kind of piston letting out steam works like a dream.

Whose in your traveling trunk. Its a theater of affection whose misuses let looses treasure tick tock duck.

The remiss is mystical fetch. Different kind of char. OOOoh. Flow bears thats next. Categorizing chars.

Lists make happy grist off piste. Blowing up beside the open casket tisket a tasket.

Need to figure out. How to write at night.

The gladly pay tous for drink but — but — there it sink.

It a paper tiger

blakes flakes rake off the take and circle circle

the drink sink pinky wants a drink

as if theatre has let out and its a break from staging. Which is appropriate and appropriating. That space between those two, the fold — the fold between those two makes rizo lizzy dizzy.

How to write at night

Creeps in the cupboards. Old very old. Spell it? Leuer. Gone off to check.

Creeps cartoon clowns. Have gone off to check. Arisen stooped, nasal and tormented —

Put clothes onto creep. Then take them off, this is beckett in my head, then send it to someone else. Outside the west wing.

Let it float towards somewhere else too. in horror. P chuck. And that mag Toilet rag.

Creepy weepy teepee!

Creeps very important dimension char. Things catch in throat. Things blurt out with a kind of love for anger and dally with danger sex and death allows dementia to flourish — inside out, beauty that feasts in ugliness and sorrow as a fabulous torrent of mocking kinetic attention to the particular in char category known as Stinky, hilarity arises too, a sweet defiant ignobility of funniness dancing out by Italian circus.

Makes me laugh with acute ruthless conundrum.

Marcel interrupts. Sighs, temptations of lullabyes.

West breast and wing

NaughtyParker. Dragged Z over to teepee. To help fess out why where how drank blood of merciless splendors de fenders out in the snow plow with loving dimentia.

v for virgil taught me so via Dante get out the toe rope.

to bed with relatives of the dead to dig up find slope and slumber with slough of beauty,

Lullabye league, on board

as time bakes shakes noble fakes into Lilu le Lac. beckett does dishes. some say they hate it. I dont. I cant too dangerous.

keeps me afloat.

Usually near to drugs. Drugs are distancers too. But also wonderful. Becks teaching me french.

Shakes crawls in beside cervantes and they call Dante over. Start yelling at the Equivalents.

There is always obscurity where orbit for plus, squirreling for work, they are natant nuts, gap and guts, under skin, dons the slew.


wait — cervantes just threw gizzards back in trunk.

and smoke came up. and Indian priests from asia. magic tragic out of religions fissions with sym met tree — oo la la.

impossible reasonless to illume the tomb. why only wants a drink. nothing else. strange somehow a victim of french aristocratic squalor goes bulls eye with joyce bloomers so easy peasy.

Fart in shopping cart who is a clown that darts back and forth the isle between emerald and ocean, recognize as maps from wild west. Thats pounds crowing no angle just drop drop straight through time.

Giggles with beauty of it. Pound no good in trouble but dedication is superb. Trou, is hole in french.

Oh should I think of body of heart surface of love book — as — physics of love at a distance — thats actually pretty sensible take off on science.

But then gets tricky over by vicky and micky for a drink with sam. that lets me be liver and lamb.

Thats actually pretty sensible.

Hope is to work with all of them, keep everything in its proper place,

arbus, pound, vincent. I love them too. Coo coo ca chew.

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