Ixion at rest

So much in there cannot breath. But breathless is joy climbing up and down at once. Va and vient. Out on rafters where bats cuddle upside down heats up fur and feather. Clirice outcome at pleasure pumps for a beautiful dump is a part of Constance who “hilly billy wills” for extensions that rill up with disgorge of glorious cuts.

That facility — tutoyer, enjoins suddenly — “just cause lifes a chore and at bottom of all this — is nothing, also sheer wild tumults inanities salvific and putrid, doesn’t mean music cant be glorious…”

Bunny funny mediately picks up sword and flings into the bush and makes it swoosh. Menaces?


Surprise. Delight. Gorblimey.

Some are just armed and/or handed with red. Sugar and lead.

Others, piles of peat. Grows like mad from window seat. Cuttings used for both fuel and gardening.


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