Flying Nun

Claudine – Falling in love.

Transference. From Thought to Language. When topics are love and love appears as a beyond hope – there is no reality, shadows as orbital, incurs calibration with transference, otherness, occultation, the ecliptic, subject itself as language of death.

Claudine is a: Fool in Love. Surrounded all sides by respectability taboos that are rung so deep causes illness if overstep. So it’s patently out of question.

But not out of question.

Illecebrum verticillatum, aka Coral Necklace, Gloomy Whorled or Parsnip Grass — is a small, uncommon annual plant that occurs in sandy, acidic, flooded or very dry areas.

What happens when illecebrum (species coral necklace) show up, as venturesom espirit, as proposition with potentiality whose uncommon prowess is certain.

Both Sides Now

This will be a piece discussing benefits and conundrum of letting Claudine live, creating spatials in midst where “hang” in observance like some fictional elemental –

And that means what? creates what? when not uninspired by truth, au contraire. Yet lives as object of otherness in depths absorbed in prowess as birth mirth curse nurse search pose vulture vaunt vagabond assert alert a flirt.

Claudine loves Montezuma’s prowess.


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